East Herts u3a Group Sharing

East Herts Cluster Group Sharing Agreement

Interest groups within the East Herts Cluster Group of u3as who are party to this agreement, and wish to open up their group to persons who are not registered members in their own u3a, agree to the following conditions:


Persons joining a group must prove they are a paid up member of one of the local u3as party to this agreement.

It is the group leader's decision, with agreement from their committee, to open up their interest group to other members of the local u3as who are party to this agreement.

If an interest group becomes oversubscribed due to this arrangement, then non registered members would be asked to leave or join the host u3a. This is to be made clear to them when they initially join the group.

These arrangements will apply only to interest groups and will not include attendance at main meetings.

All issues arising regarding these groups will be referred to the host u3a committee and will be reported back to the local u3as.

This is a reciprocal agreement between local u3a committees who are party to this agreement, and is restricted to these u3as only. Please see: