This is the page on which you will find the latest information from Ware U3A and where we can share ideas on how you are communicating or carrying out group sessions remotely with each other.

Cup of Tea and a Chat? If you are missing just the informal chats you are used to why not have a virtual teatime with another U3A member? Please get in touch to let us know if you would like to try a virtual teatime and we will arrange a time to talk.

Update (27/09/20)

Ware Museum re-opened on Tuesday 15 September 2020. Opening times are restricted initially to Tuesdays 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm and Sunday afternoon 2pm-4pm.

As the Educating Ware exhibition on display in the Canons Malting Gallery had hardly been seen before lockdown come and see what information we have about your school. Might even see people you recognise.

A strict one-way system has been introduced. Sanitising points have been set up. Visitors must wear masks (usual exceptions). The Trustees have done all they can to ensure that the public - both adults and children - enjoy their visit in safety and will be offering their usual very warm welcome to all. There will be a free quiz and pencil available for children.

Update (07/09/20)

These Groups are those currently open and welcoming new members.

Fully Operating
PicknMix Two
Strollers 1 (Plan September start)
Strollers 2 (Plan September start)
Walking 1 (Min. 6 miles)
Walking Nordic

Operating on Zoom
French Literature (Conducted in French)
Pilates 2 (Previous experience or a one to one lesson with instructor first)
Spanish for Improvers (A reasonable standard is expected)

Update (01/09/20)

Ware library has re-opened. Things will be a little different, and some services won’t be available initially.

Visitors will be able to enter the library for up to 15 minutes to browse the bookshelves and to use the self-service kiosks for borrowing and returning items. Social distancing measures will be in place including queue management, screens on enquiry desks, hand sanitiser stations and quarantine areas for returned books. Customers will also be expected to wear face coverings during their visit.

In addition, the People’s Network computers will be available in one-hour slots for customers who have made a booking in advance. There will be 15 minutes between bookings to allow for cleaning.

During lockdown, many local residents have been making full use of the library resources online, including e-books, e-audio books, digital newspapers and magazines, online courses and the Online Reference Library, however I am sure you will agree that re-opening Ware library is an important step for our local community. Please pass this message to all who may be interested.

You can find the latest information about Hertfordshire libraries re-opening plans and our online services on the libraries website.

Update (31/08/20)

Groups that are currently meeting are listed on the Groups list are shaded in yellow.

Update (13/08/20)

Coronavirus temporary Ware Town Centre changes: The Highways Department have made a change to Ware High Street to help maintain social distancing. To read about the temporary change to Ware High Street visit Hertfordshire County Council Highways website.

Update 27/07/20)

Due to the current crisis all monthly meetings will be held on zoom for the next few months.

Some of the groups have started resuming their outdoor activities i.e. croquet, tennis, walking groups / social groups in bubbles of six. Other groups have been operating through Zoom, WhatsApp, Google and Email. Please check the individual group pages to see who are operating.

Update (24/06/20)

U3A Life in Lockdown Video You can find it through the Youtube Channel. The video is a visual snapshot of just some of the amazing ways U3A members are staying connected with each other.

What the camera did not see

Martin Mulcahy one of Ware's U3A members is a avid photographer who takes his camera on every outing, trip and holiday would like to share his experiences while taking photographs.

Update (10/06/20)

We had our first successful virtual monthly meeting today with around 150 viewers. We are intending to arrange further virtual meetings with a speaker in the near future.

Diana Perkins (one of our Ware U3A members) kindly gave us a very interesting presentation on the history of Ware. Diana has supplied a list of websites that members might find interesting:

Herts Memories
The website is run by volunteers and hosted by Hertfordshire County Council. Their content is contributed by members of the public and volunteers. Visit Herts Memories

Francis Frith
The website has lots of old photographs and maps of Ware that you can view or buy the print. You can share your own memory of Ware on the site. View Francis Frith

The Gough Map of Great Britain
The website has a digital map of the Ware settlement in 1254. Visit The Gough Map of Great Britain

Britain from above
The website has aerial archive photographs to view or you can buy a high-resolution copy of the image. Visit Britain from above

If you would like a book of Ware from the Ware Museum please contact Diana Perkins via email directly so that she can make direct arrangements with you.

Shared learning projects

You are being asked to help keep track of our garden birds

You are invited to join BirdTrack, a free online tool to record your own bird sightings and keep up to date with trends.

Provided by the British Trust for Ornithology, BirdTrack is for observers to manage their own personal records and contribute data to BTO science; supporting species conservation on local, regional, national and international scales.

This is a great opportunity – not only for members but for any nature enthusiast looking for a fun, outdoor project. Read more about the BTO BirdTrack Project

The U3A would also love to hear about your sightings of different species or bird related garden activity and for you to share any photographs you have managed to take of your feathered visitors. The U3A will publish a selection of these sightings and photos on their website so please fill out their online form to record these also.

Mary Gibbons is the U3A Birdwatching subject adviser for the U3A movement, Mary has a lot of information on her Subject Adviser page to help with this and can help with any individual enquiries.

Look out for a feature interview with Mary and learn more about the garden birdwatch project in this month’s U3A Magazine – Third Age Matters – out next week. See more on the magazine on TAM's new twitter account @MagU3a.

Blog My Story 2020 A new chapter… tell us your story
Hertfordshire Libraries and Nysa Projects are once again inviting you to share your stories and memories as part of a unique creative quarantine project.

Blog My Story Families 2020 “I didn’t know that…!” Calling children to talk to an adult and tell us their story Hertfordshire Libraries and Nysa Projects would like to invite children and young people to take part in our creativequarantine project, My Story Families. Perhaps you can do a joint project with your grandchildren?

Living history of members' experiences: All U3A members have the opportunity to take part in a Shared Learning Project "A Shared Living History of Members' Experiences during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic". This involves keeping a diary of our time in this pandemic, not necessarily daily, which will ultimately be collated with others submitted to produce what will be a fascinating document.

This could turn out to be an important and valuable piece of work relevant as both an historical record for future generations and an aid to planning for extraordinary circumstances in the future, so we do urge members to take part. For details of what you need to do please read living history of members experiences.

Theatre Historians: This is a project started at Kingston University based on the Cary Ellison programmes. As far as we can see there's only one theatre in our region, The Palace Theatre in Watford, but there are many in London that people will be familiar with and also one in Bletchley. For details of what is involved please read theatre historians.