Waltham Forest


Waltham Forest U3A normally holds regular monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of each month starting promptly at 2pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Winchester Road, Highams Park, E4. Doors are open from 1.30pm. There is step-free access directly from Winchester Road. But at the moment all meetings continue to be cancelled.
In the meantime we have arranged to offer the monthly talks via the Zoom platform. All the talks listed below will be delivered online in that way. Use the CONTACT page to let us know that you would like to attend a particular talk. Those messages will go to a special mailbox we have set up and your current membership status will be checked. If it's okay you will get a personal emailed invitation shortly before the talk. If you have any other queries about these arrangements please feel free to ask those questions via that same mailbox. We will happily answer them or offer advice. You can also contact anyone on the Committee by email or phone (see the Newsletter or use the other CONTACT mailboxes).

You may remember that we have been rotating the office of Chairman around all the members of Committee for over two years now. This has had some advantages but also some disadvantages. Committee member John Gilbert has recently volunteered to take on the role until our next AGM (which we hope will take place as usual and on schedule in May 2021). At our November meeting the Committee formally elected him and thanked him very much for taking it on board. You can contact the Chairman in the usual ways: via the CONTACT page on this website or via his normal contact details in the Newsletter.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: Renewals are now at the lower rate (September to March). Everyone has to fill in a form. Please complete both sides (including the tick boxes) and remember to sign it. Members who did not renew by August 2020 have now been removed from our database and are no longer receiving the newsletter or able to register for the monthly online talks. But that can easily be changed as soon as Vicky receives your instructions to re-join. You can download and print off a form from the CONTACT page of this website, or ask Vicky or Ruth to send you one. When sending in your completed form and cheque, please enclose an SAE for your membership car. Contact them via phone, email membership@wfu3a.org.uk, or use the CONTACT page.

If you're not yet a member but thinking of joining us just use the CONTACT tab to find out more. Vicky can send you a membership form by post or by email. There is also a pdf on the Contact page which you can print off, complete by hand and return to Vicky by post with a cheque.

Please check that we have your correct email address if you like to have newsletter (and U3A news items) regularly sent to you direct. We really want to send the newsletter out this way wherever we can; you receive it quicker and it's a great deal cheaper for WFU3A. At the moment it may be the only reliable way of distributing it. But every month Vicky gets a few 'failure' notices that she can't trace.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Dec 15th History of the Picture Postcard 1840-1950 James Taylor. An entertaining illustrated Zoom presentation which brings back happy memories and puts smiles on faces. "Chuckles and guffaws are guaranteed in these trying times".
NB If you are watching any talk and would like to enlarge the speaker's slides, click on 'View Options' at the top of the screen, while it's in Speaker View and s/he is sharing screen. The drop-down menu will give you the option to zoom (enlarge). You can easily look at different parts of the magnified screen and then return to 100% whenever you want to.
Tue Jan 19th 2021 My Adventures in Antarctica Barry Coidan. With illustrations of stunning scenery and kayaking close to whales, seals and magical icebergs.
Tue Feb 16th 2021 Fishy Tales Kevin Little. A humorous, entertaining talk including incidents from his 54 years as a fishmonger! Dealings with officialdom and some eccentric customers, a little about animals on his smallholding in Somerset and his travels around the world.
Tue Mar 16th 2021 Fools Gold Steve and Carol Robson, an acoustic musical duo performing entertaining songs, stories and videos.
Tue Apr 20th 2021 Unravelling the Yarn: Zoe Hart Dyke and the Leyton Silk Road Claire Weiss. An illustrated talk on the Leyton born creator of Britain's only commercially successful silk farm in the 20th Century.
Tue May 18th 2021 Our AGM There will also be a speaker.