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STOP PRESS: We have an extra mailbox below which you can use to register for the monthly Zoom talk. Once Vicky has verified your membership she can send you an official invitation via our own system, in good time for the meeting. You can either register for one talk or ask to have an invitation sent every month.
If you are not sure how to use Zoom or you are having problems with it, feel free to get in touch our Zoom host, Dorritt. Her contact details are in the Newsletter and she is very happy to help if she can. Or she can point you in the direction of more guidance.

If you are interested in joining our U3A or you want to renew your Membership you can use the button below to contact our Membership Secretary for more help and information. Alternatively, you can download the form from the EVENTS page of this website and print it. Send the completed form to Vicky with your cheque. Since the Monthly meetings have been cancelled there can be no payment in person for the time being. Please note that New Data Protection legislation in 2018 (GDPR) means that ALL members, both new and renewing, now have to complete and sign a membership form every year.

Our current annual subscription is £17.00 p.a or £27.00 for two people living at the same address. If you join between April and August the full fee is payable. Join between September and December and you pay half fee (£8.50/£13.50). Join between January and March and you pay the full fee, BUT it lasts until March of the following year. There is no discount if you belong to another U3A.
You can communicate with the Chairman (anyone on the Committee) by clicking on the General enquiries button. Committee names and email addresses are also in the Waltham Forest Newsletter. If you notice errors in our web pages or would like the web editor to add new information, then use the 'website updates' option to reach her directly.

The role of WFU3A Chairman has been rotating each month for a couple of years, with each Committee member taking a turn. BUT we now have a 'stable' chairman again: John recently volunteered to take over until the next AGM and his offer was gratefully accepted by the Committee, who voted him in immediately. Messages sent via this page have always reached the current Chairman safely of course and will continue to do so. The email addresses underlying the buttons are generic and are all checked regularly

In normal times you are very welcome to sign in as a guest at one general Monthly Meeting and find out more about us. We charge such visitors £2.00. If you decide immediately that you want to join then you can take out membership on the spot and your £2 will be refunded at the same time (not otherwise). But there is absolutely no pressure to do so. We maintain a New Members' table at every meeting, to make sure that you meet others and don't feel awkward. To try out or join a Group you must be a full member of WFU3A. But during the Coronavirus crisis the Monthly Meetings have had to be cancelled.

PLEASE DO DOUBLE-CHECK that your email address is entered correctly below. A slip-up will mean that our reply doesn't get through to you. It's frustrating for us to get an error message and know you are puzzled by our 'silenc

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