Waltham Abbey


Please remember to bring your cups to any meetings.

Message to all Group Facilitators: It would be appreciated if all group facilitators who run interest groups make a check that members attending their groups have current membership cards Lilac expiring March 2023. This is important because without paying membership the person is not insured should an accident occur. Your co-operation in doing this check will be most appreciated.



Please is there a member who could help to set up speakers and screen, etc., on occasions if Harvey or Chris are absent for any reason. A willing volunteer would be most appreciated.


Members are reminded that their Waltham Abbey U3A membership card must be carried to all meetings and activities, and it would be appreciated if you put your ICE (In Case of Emergency) information on the reverse of your card. Our new 2022/23 cards will have a space already printed on the reverse.

You are also reminded that when you take part in group activities it is at your own risk and that you are fit to take part in such activities. If you are a new member you will be required to complete this declaration.

Finally, there have been changes to the Data Protection Laws, and one of the things that will effect U3A's is taking photos. If you take photos you must have the person's permission and if you submit photos to be included in the Newsletter and website, the name of the person taking the photo will be included so the Newsletter Editor and Website operator will not be held responsible.

As numbers of members increase it is important that we offer members more activities and interest groups, either new ideas or a second group when numbers get too large. If you have any skills or interests you could share with other members, please speak to Wendy Quintin or Pauline Woods our group co-ordinators. Remember no ideas are bad ideas as someone else may be interested and a new group could be formed.


REMEMBER, REMEMBER, Waltham Abbey U3A has an environmentally friendly ethos. Waltham Abbey Council have a no plastic policy. Members are reminded that it would be appreciated if you could bring your own cup, or mug, for your refreshments at all future monthly meetings. Your co-operation will be appreciated.


U3A Exhibitions and Study Days

U3A Head Office and Region do arrange the above activities from time to time for members, so if you would be interested in obtaining this information, please let me know so it can be forwarded on to you by email.

Finally, is there anyone in our U3A who could offer something new? Please contact me.

Amanda Ridgwell - chairwalthamabbeyu3a@gmail.com


From time to time films are shown in Waltham Abbey Town Hall. Please see Waltham Abbey Town Council on the links page.


Cheshunt U3A
This information will be updated as and when we are informed.

Badminton/Table Tennis - Fridays from 7pm - 9pm at Goffs Churchgate Academy - Contact Derek Wakeling - 07890 019 993

Walking Football - Fridays 3pm - 4.30pm at the Laura Trott Centre, Cheshunt - Contact John Durrant - 01992 629 215


Walking Football - message from Will Fordham, Assistant Disability Engagement Officer, Community, Culture & Wellbeing - wfordham@eppingforestdc.gov.uk - 01992 564 166 ext. 2563.
I run our walking football programme for over 45's and we have just started a second session on a Friday evening at Town Mead, Waltham Abbey from 5-6. Our walking football programme has also been nominated for an Active Essex award in the 'Changing Lives through sport and physical activity' category, which is amazing.
£2.50 per session Tuesday 11.30am - 12.30pm, Friday 5pm - 6pm. Both at Town Mead, Waltham Abbey, All welcome.