Waltham Abbey



Our monthly meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday in the month at Waltham Abbey Town Hall. The doors open at 10am and our speaker starts at approximately 10.30.
Before the speaker begins, there is time to talk to the Group Leaders and browse the information available on all our interest groups, and to have a coffee with friends. If you are a visitor, you will have the opportunity to be shown around by a U3A member.

We advise that ALL U3A members carry a card in their purse/bag/wallet with the following details:
Name, U3A No, Home address, Date of Birth and Contact Name Telephone No.
Also any medical condition and current medication being taken, and any allergies.

Your co-operation will be appreciated because you never know when it will be required.

It is important that members carry their current/temporary membership card with them when attending the interest groups as group leaders will be asked to do periodic checks to ensure all people are members.

Also as our membership increases it is important that if you join an interest group and find it is not for you, and you no longer wish to attend, please notify the group leader as another member may wish to join.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Sep 13th Swinging London in the 60's - Nick Dobson
Tue Oct 11th Training and use of Specialist Search Dogs - Len Little

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