Welcome to Walsall u3a 2021-22

LLL Logo "Nobody has to stop learning just because they have stopped working!”

u3a is an organisation of usually retired men and women who regularly meet together to share their experiences, knowledge, philosophies, values and to explore new ideas and to learn from each other.

u3as are self-managed and volunteer led for people no longer in full time work. They come together to share and pursue learning and provide a place for members to share their learning experiences in a wide range of Interest Groups (See our Groups page) for the fun of learning a new skill and to pursue new interests all led by a volunteer leader.

Walsall u3a was set up 13 years ago by our late president Sheila Clarke when fifty people attended the first meeting. Our membership has grown from small beginnings to our current membership of nearly five hundred

Our monthly general meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of every month and have a variety of interesting speakers usually in St Martin's Church, 1 Daffodil Road, Walsall, WS5 3DQ 2p.m.- 4 p.m..
We are hoping to restart them early 2022.

Membership subscription - currently £12 - includes a fee to the Third Age Trust, a national organisation catering for all u3as in the UK.

New members joining from September 2021 will only pay a half priced subscription of £6

Why Should You Join Us?
We are a friendly group and it gives people the opportunity to make friends or even, as has happened, renew old acquaintances.
Above all, it is a way to learn from each other, laugh with each other and live an active and rewarding life with each other.

Walsall u3a is also a member of the West Midlands Region u3a