Membership subscription - currently £12 annually, renewable in March - includes a fee to the Third Age Trust, a national organisation catering for all u3as in the UK.

Associate members of other u3as pay an annual subscription of £1

New members joining Walsall u3a from September 2021 will be offered a half priced membership of £6

New members joining us from January 2022 will be offered 15 months membership for the normal annual price

Members also pay a contribution towards the cost of hiring a room when they come to our meetings/activities. Depending on the venue, the charges vary from 50p to £2

Our membership registration form is available to download in the Links section. Please email Vivian our membership secretary for details of where to send it

Also in the Links section, Vivian - who leads the Whist and Literature groups - introduces our u3a in the video "About Walsall u3a".

Should you require more information, please click on the bird to send us a message. Christine, our membership administrator is always happy to help