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The National u3a have recently announced that during the Covid-19 pandemic all members
are to show evidence of their double vaccination at monthly/group meetings using either their vaccination card or NHS Passport. It is also now a requirement that members who have not been double vaccinated for medical reasons or otherwise must take a lateral flow test within 48 hours prior to a session/meeting and show proof of a negative test.(Test kits are free and available online or from any pharmacy with instructions on how to acquire proof of a negative result).

Group leaders have also been asked to keep a list of members' closest family member or friends contact details, In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.)

Also the u3a asks that any member who tests positive for Covid-19 should contact their group leader or a committee member.

Group leaders can find a recently updated Covid-19 version of the Risk Assessment
Forms on this website under the Members Info tab.

As you will be aware, we would normally have been collecting your annual subscriptions at the last October Meeting - which would also have been the AGM. We did indicate in the Virtual AGM Papers, sent to you last year, that we were planning to reduce the subscription to £8 for the 2020/21. As we said in the AGM Papers, we have a surplus of around £700 from the 2019/20 Season and we will use this to pay the U3A Capitation Fees for 2020/21. This means that the Group Activities, where they are managing to keep going, will still have insurance cover.

Now that we have access to a venue at New Brighton Cricket Club, the Committee will be reconsidering this position. In the meantime, you will all remain paid-up members of Wallasey U3A.

Now that we have a full lifting of the Covid restrictions in England, the Committee have been looking into how we might resume our monthly meetings which are / were the beating heart of Wallasey U3A. A few weeks ago, we approached the Grosvenor Ballroom about the availability of their main hall for the last Thursday in July, 2021.
Unfortunately, the Grosvenor IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE to us on any day. The Committee have since looked into a few other locations and have finally found a suitable venue at NEW BRIGHTON CRICKET AND BOWLING CLUB who are able to accommodate us on the last Wednesday of every month.

We therefore held our first post-lockdown monthly meeting on WEDNESDAY, 28th July at 10.30am. at NEW BRIGHTON CRICKET AND BOWLING CLUB, CH45 5DE. Our next monthly meeting and all subsequent meetings will be held there. Our next speaker will be Nina Olsen who lives on the Wirral Peninsula. Telling of her sledding trip with five huskies as part of a team in a charity challenge over Norwegian and Swedish countryside. The challenges faced, the dogs, the terrain, the cold. A story of teamwork, fun, hard work, expectations, capabilities, limitations and achievements.

Most businesses have struggled over the past year and have had to raise their rental prices significantly. In view of this, the Committee has decided to increase the attendance fee for the monthly meeting to £2 per person. This is the first time in 13 years that we have increased this charge and the increase in the cost of rental, speakers and catering means that a one pound charge is now unsustainable.
The Committee are still considering whether we will need to restrict numbers due to social distancing and also whether we can safely put up the notice boards. We will still continue with our usual refreshments provided by Marina Ashton. Please contact Marina to have your name put on to the roster if you can help with the refreshments.
If anybody has any concerns with the above, please contact our Chair, Graham Clayton.