Monthly Meetings 2019

31st January
‘Chinese Superstitions and Customs’ – Billy Hui

28th February
‘Beekeeping and Seven Secrets of the Beehive’ - Yvonne Matthews

28th March
‘The Joys of..... Judaism' - Eric Cohen

25th April
‘Wirral’s History from the Air’- Gavin Hunter

30th May
‘The History of Leasowe Castle’- Elizabeth Davey

27th June
‘The Unforgettable Life, Times and Songs of Frank Sinatra’- Barry Humphreys

25th July
‘A Virtual tour of Leasowe Lighthouse’ – Janet Belton

29th August
‘Longbow Presentation’ – Bernard Dennis MBE Hon MI Ex

26th September
‘Edith Smith’- Bob Knowles

31st October

Annual General Meeting

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