Castles Shared Learning Project

Launch of the new Castles Shared Learning Project

Following on from the very successful and engaging Coastline and Border Celebration, we are launching a further shared learning project for U3As and members of U3As across Wales to participate in. The project launched at the Wales U3A Conference on May 8th 2019.

The castles theme was chosen to celebrate the fact that Wales has more castles than any other country in the world. All of our U3As in Wales will have some sort of castle be it a Motte and Bailey castle, an early Welsh castle or an Edward I castle on their door step.

The intention of the Castles SLP is to build on and consolidate and reinforce the achievements of the C&BC. Those who participated in that project took away from that learning experience, a set of transferable skills, ideas and understanding. By applying the skills, ideas, learning and understanding achieved through participation in one project and applying them in a different situation we reinforce the learning and understanding developed through that experience.

There are a number of ways to join in from the outset:

Castle Shared Learning Facebook group (closed)

Go to the Castle project Facebook group page

This group for U3As and members of U3As in Wales, who use Facebook and who intend to participate in the project and any other U3As or members of U3As that are interested in finding out about what’s going on. U3A members are welcome to share examples of their Castles related work on this page. The page is moderated. Whilst we know that not everyone uses Facebook many members do. It provides a useful forum for sharing ideas documents and photographs.

N.B. Please don’t include any photographs or stories that you are using in the 2019 competitions.

U3A Wales Castles Shared Learning Project - Database form

Go to the Castle project database form

Any member with internet access can help by completing a simple online form. You will not be asked for any personal details, except the name of your U3A.

Our aim with the form is to create a database and a network of links (via the Castles SLP) between our U3As and their members across Wales.

You are asked complete one form for any castle that is within 10 miles /16 km of where you live. (Don't worry that other members may give the same castle as you.) After completing one form you are given the opportunity to complete another is you wish. Some of our members will have more than one castle within 10 miles radius of where they live.

For members that don’t have internet access but would like to participate, maybe a fellow U3A member could help them out.

New Photography Competition 2019/2020

As part of the Castles SLP we are running our first regional photography competition, with the theme of ‘Castles in Wales’. The competition is open to any U3A member of a U3A in Wales. U3As must register if any of their members would like to enter. The first ‘heat’ of the competition takes place at local U3A level.
Details of how to register and participate in the competition are available here on the Wales website. The information will be emailed out to U3As via the Networks and via a Trustee email out to all U3As in Wales.
Documents available to download:

  • 2019 Photo Competition Poster
  • 2019 Photo Competition Rules

Wales Short Story Competition 2019

The Wales U3A Short Story competition for 2019, which is already running, has the opportunity to include a reference to a Welsh castle, which would then qualify the story to be included as part of the Castles SLP.

Other links:

New: U3A Wales Region YouTube Channel
Visit the U3a Wales YouTube Channel

The channel includes videos from the:

  • Coastline and Border Celebration
  • Swansea U3A
  • Chepstow U3A
  • Pontyclun U3A
  • Flintshire U3A
  • From the U3A Wales Regional Conference 2019
  • Wendy Williams, winner of the Short Story Competition (English) 2018 reading her story ‘Foxglove’
  • Gareth Williams reading Ffonio Artref by Jaci Williams winner of the Short Story Competition (Welsh) 2018
  • Jennifer Simpson, National Shared Learning Project Coordinator
  • Sue Shannon-Jones, National Shared Learning Project Coordinator

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