Wales Coastline and Border Celebration

December 16th - First draft of a report on the Wales U3A Coastline and Border Celebration. Comments and feedback would be welcome, especially from those who might be able to add to the case studies or who may wish to share any learning or experiences they have gained themselves. Contact:

November 7th - Project Update 11 uploaded. Reference to the Short Story Competition winners and a pice on a successful September day held on Deeside. Link to a first Summary Paper bringing together a list of all material received and types of shared learning which they illustrate. Request for help to bring it all to a conclusion by Easter 2019.

November 6th - First summary paper which brings together all contributions made (not in any priority order), a draft list of shared learning approaches which the different contributions can illustrate, and some suggestions regarding completing the project by Easter 2019.

August 7th - Project Update 10 uploaded. Brief discussion about the different shared learning approaches used to collect material and whether this could be the basis for a final exhibition/event. Plus two illustrated historic recipes, one from Anglesey and one from Monmouth.

July 5th - Project Update 9 uploaded. Photographs from Anglesey in the North to Penarth in the South and the first verse and chorus of a reworked 'Manchester Rambler' - wording now as 'The Wales Coastal Rambler'. There is also a call for anyone who could help to illustrate a Welsh Coastal Food booklet with line drawings.

June 12th - Uploaded as a picture, there is a draft plan for an FU3A Social Event taking place between Flint and Talacre on Friday 21st September as part of the Wales U3A Coastline and Border Celebration. Long and short walks, flora and fauna, bird watching, poetry reading, outdoor sketching, Welsh place names, photography, sound recording, social and economic history - we hope all these will figure! All welcome.

June 1st - Project Update 8 has been uploaded. Feedback from the Wales U3A Conference in Llandrindod Wells and thanks to those who helped and provided exhibition displays and other contributions. Further contributions and images for the Facebook Group page are expected and will be welcome. Also wanting to determine how the project will be concluded in early 2019 and looking for help with organising any final event(s) or outputs.

May 1st - Project Update 7 has been uploaded. Again, very good range of contributions received and preparing to display as much as possible at the Wales Conference on 9th May. Just beginning to turn to thoughts about what to do with the material collected and whether there may be members able to help with planning a further event, such as an exhibition, early in 2019.

April 6th - Project Update 6 has been uploaded. Really varied range of contributions received during March covering many different places in Wales and some very different subjects. Main concern is that people who wish to highlight anything that they are working on or planning can have a chance for it to be raised at the May Conference.

March 7th - Project Update 5 has been uploaded. Good to see the numbers of contacts increasing with links to 23 U3As across Wales. Some very good quality contributions to the Facebook Group page, which also has a growing list of group members. There may now be scope to put people in touch with others who are working on ideas or events where there may be an overlap with others.

February 9th - Project Update 4 has been uploaded. Thanks for all material submitted during January. It has been very interesting and one lasting impression is how much of the material, in whatever form it is submitted, reveals the atmosphere of the places and events and the moods of the people who are involved. If you have any suggestions or comments about the logo options (set out in the Update) please contact us at

January 9th - For progress with the project please click on the link to the latest Project Update.

Project Background and Approach.

Wales is the only country which people can walk round, and what a source of inspiration it is. Coastal Wales was named the ‘best region on earth’ by the Lonely Planet Travel Guide and Offa’s Dyke is Britain’s longest ancient monument. Together they provide trails for over 1000 miles.

The working assumption is that U3A members, every year and in every part of Wales, will be enjoying and learning through activities which reference the coast and border lands. Through walking of course, but also through art and photography, tours and visits, history, the natural world and science. There is the architecture of cities, the landscape of estuaries, and the friendships formed and strengthened through shared experiences.

There is a Welsh proverb “Benthyg dros amser byr yw popeth a geir yn y byd hwn” which can be translated as “Everything you have in this world is just borrowed for a short time”. The U3A in Wales now wants people to share and pass on the coast and border experiences that they have.


Plans for a U3A celebration of the fantastic coastline and border country of Wales are now taking shape.

We want U3As, particular interest or activity groups, and individual members to submit material that is inspired by the coast or border, and the wildlife or communities to be found there now or in the past.

We want to see if we can record visits and activity along every section of the coastline and border throughout the coming year, including activities and events already in your group programmes, and any additional ones planned specifically as a contribution to this project.

We will form a Facebook Group and try to set this up so that a full record of what has been achieved might be capable of being turned into a publication at some point.

Early progress will be reported on at the Wales Conference in May 2018. Contributions will be welcome from everyone. We would also like to celebrate those places which are the most accessible for people wanting to enjoy aspects of the coastline and border.

It is hoped that material can be collected throughout 2018 and that this will then lead to a major conference and exhibition in early 2019 as a celebratory event.

Contact for further information and the submission of any material or ideas: or

Number of U3As expressing an interest to date: 15

Potential contributions and ideas to date

From early soundings the range of ideas includes:

  • Mapping the sections walked
  • Thematic proposals: harbours; historic pubs; bench inscriptions; links to Welsh legends; marine archaeology; flora and fauna; public artworks; the story of energy.
  • Photographic records
  • Creative Writing projects
  • Good Places for people with particular access requirements to visit
  • Places to stay, or just to rest a while
  • City, town and country
  • Heritage sites: industrial, social, military
  • Whole estuary approach supported by different group contributions
  • Links to Wales Coast Path and Offas Dyke Path, Peoples Collection Wales, work of Older Peoples Commissioner, Tourist Board

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