Guide for New SWN Committee Members

Joining Network Zoom Meetings

  • A Zoom link will be sent to all Network Contacts a few days before the meeting.
  • Please log onto Zoom from 1.45 pm to resolve any connection problems so meetings can start promptly at 2.00 pm.
  • Please change your Zoom name to include your full name and u3a, eg Jim Smith Chepstow, so you can be identified for the minutes. Click on Changing Your Zoom Name to see how to do this. If all else fails the Zoom Host can amend it for you.

The SWN Committee

  • The SWN Committee is made up of four Executive Officers, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer plus a representative from each u3a in the Network.
  • Each u3a can send upto 3 representatives to the SWM meeting but only one can vote
  • The Network is forum for exchanging ideas and best practice. The Network cannot tell u3as what to do.
  • We organise Workshops that are run by u3a Office and are free.
  • We organise Study Days which are run by SWN and have to be self financing.
  • We can, in theory, act as a pressure body through the Welsh Trustee to stimulate action from u3a Office. This has yet to be proved!
  • Financial Policies and Procedures. This is a draft document but all Committee Members have responsibilities for the financial running of the Network.