SWN Peer Support Groups & Training

The basis for all Support Groups will be that for the Treasurers Peer Support Group.

Treasurers For u3a Treasurers organised by the Network Treasurer Michael Young.
Treasurers Peer Support Group Proposal
Notes on first meting of Treasurers Peer Support Group Meeting. Further six monthly meetings are planned though 'special' meetings may be organised where necessary.
Beacon Users As Beacon 2 is now not going to happen the Beacon Team will concentrate on developing Beacon 1. We have acquired a demo system to allow us to 'play' with Beacon and have run training courses/seminars for new Beacon users, Beacon Administrators, and Beacon Finance. We will also organise demonstrations for any u3as thinking of taking up Beacon and wanting to know more about the system.
PowerPoint Beacon Presentation from the Beacon Team 5th May
Beacon Administration Zoom Meeting from 28th June. Passcode is *UwOE7Z9
PowerPoint Beacon Finance Presentation from the Beacon Team 29th June
SiteĀ BuilderĀ Users Suggested by Dai Davies. For existing users to discuss their problems and seek advice from other users. Click on Site Builder Guide produced by Dai Davies. See Dates for your Diary on the main page for meeting information.
Site Builder Peer Group Meeting 16th June. Passcode is B3yj$.Y*
Facebook Facebook PowerPoint Presentation at Zoom meeting 5th May. A copy of the Zoom presentation is available on request.
Hybrid MeetingsHybrid Meeting Video from a Pathfinders meeting
Training Zoom training available. Contact link at foot of page.
See Dates for your Diary on the main page to see when these groups are meeting
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