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Accessing Individual Pages in the u3a Office Website

A User ID is generally not required for most of these links

Covid-19 AdviceLink to the u3a Office web site for the latest Covid-19 advice on u3a activities and model Risk Assessments. Includes how to keep your members engaged while restrictions are in place and technical help on various topics and Post Pandemic information.
Network Page You will need a Login ID first (see below). Click on 'Support for u3as' and then look for 'u3a Networks' half way down the left hand list of options.
Financial Problems If you have financial problems arising from Covid contact u3a Office on
Member Link Leaflet Advice, links, tips and resources to help keep us all connected, active and learning together whether we connect online or face to face (rules allowing) when the lockdown eases or a blend of the two.
Member Link Web PageWeb page for the Member Link imitative.
Recruitment Toolkits Find them in Learn and then Sources Online on the u3a Office website.
Members Newsletter Register for the the Members Newsletter. Members can register by going to
Committee Update Form Use this to update the Officers for your u3a so that they receive all the notifications and Officer newsletters from u3a Office. If you are thinking of changing you Constitution contact u3a Office direct for advice before you start.
NetFest Video Presentations Some of these are on the u3a Office Website. Log in to the website first and then click on 'Support for u3as', then find 'u3a Networks' half way down the left hand list of options, and then look for NetFest Video Presentations.
NetFest Report From Michael Young

Accessing the u3a Office Website

Click on: u3a Office WebSite to go to the website

It contains a lot of information that is useful to both members and officers but, as with all web sites, it can be difficult to find your way around. The following may help.

To Get a Login ID & Password
Go into web site as above, go down to the bottom of the page and find Member Login. Click on it and then click on 'Don't have an account'. Enter your details and click Register. You will receive a conformation email and you have your account. Make sure that you write down your User ID and Password!.

Web Site Options
News What it says.
LearnThis option is very useful for all members. Take the time to go through all the links in National Programmes. Online Events, Winter/summer schools, Online tutorials. How to Guides etc.
Volunteers Some u3a members who volunteer at local, regional and national level
Support for u3as This option is very useful for Officers and Committee Members. Too many options to list here so go in and see for yourself.
Events Some earlier options are repeated but includes u3a Day information.
Join Us For potential members