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Dates for your Diary
Wed Mar 17th Brian Freeland - Women of the Raj
When the Colonial Administrators arrived to take over from the East India Company they were often accompanied by their wives: wives who spoke only English, who mixed only with other wives, and who couldn’t even communicate with their household staff. Wives who made great demands on their husbands. As one Indian wrote later “I don’t think they realised what a menace they were. If the memsahibs had stayed in Britain there might never have been a Mutiny”."
Wed Apr 21st Alan Wise - Change your Thoughts & you Change your World
Qualified psychologist and motivational speaker Alan Wise has practised in both Europe and the U.S with specialisms in anxiety management, industrial injuries, stress disorders, depression, insomnia, eating disorders bulimia, and anorexia nervosa. He has worked for many major companies including Mitsibishi, Virgin and Britannia Airways, teaching management and staff, how to cope with stress in the work place. With several decades of experience as a practitioner, Alan continues to work as both a therapist and a motivational speaker. His presentations and seminars aim to help others learn self-help techniques such as mindfulness and inspire his audiences to take control of their own recovery.
Wed May 12th Lisa Hector - Link to Hope
Shoeboxes for Roumania, Bulgaria, Moldavia and the Ukraine and other initiatives for the deprived in these countries.
Wed Jun 16th Anna Astin - Women Aviators
Women Aviators. From Amelia Earhart to Sally Ride, making history in air and space.
Wed Jul 21st Folly Wildlife Hospital
Each year some 3500 injured, orphaned, sick or distressed wild animals and birds are admitted to our centre in Broadwater Forest, Tunbridge Wells, where they receive expert care and veterinary treatment. A very few have fallen from nests in high winds, or are the survivors of attack or predation by other wild animals, but by far, the vast majority are the victims of human activity - road traffic accidents, entanglement in netting, fishing line and fish hooks, nest destruction, poisoning, burning, immersion in or ingestion of chemicals and attack by domestic cats and dogs are just a few of the incidents we deal with.
A large part of our work at Folly involves caring for young animals and birds, from baby badgers, to day-old sparrows and even tiny goldcrests, that have been orphaned or separated from their parents.
Wed Aug 18th Mike Tilling - Westminster Palace
Mike is a member of the City of London Guide Lecturers Asssociation and an Associate of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. As a qualified Parliamentary Guide he guides in the Palace of Westminster
Wed Sep 15th Ian Gledhill - The World of Art Deco
We look at how Art Nouveau evolved into the style that defined the jazz era and the golden age of pre-war Hollywood musicals. Art Deco launched a thousand cinemas (and the Hoover factory) and is still influential today.
Wed Oct 20th Ian Rumley-Dawson - Hastings Country Park
Its wildlife, past, present and future, plus some geology, topography and palaeontology
Wed Nov 17th Jenny Mallin - My British family in India
Family History talk on my British family and why they were in India for five generations.