Ver-Colne Valley

Trips & Visits

Please Note:

1. Further details on trips and booking information can be found in the Newsletter.

2a. Reservations for trips and visits will be taken during the break at monthly general meetings. Members are required to pay by cheque made out to Ver-Colne Valley U3A when making the booking (no cash will be accepted).

2b. Members not attending a meeting wishing to make a reservation should contact the Event Organiser by telephone to check availability. If offered a reservation payment should be sent to the Event Organiser within seven days. If, after seven days, payment has not been received the reservation will be cancelled.

3. Once you book and pay for your ticket(s) this is taken as a firm commitment by you. In the event of your having to cancel, contact the event organiser who will make every effort to resell your ticket(s) to another VCV U3A member. Resales cannot be guaranteed, however, and if tickets cannot be sold on, you remain liable for the cost and no refund can be made.Under no circumstances should members transfer / sell on tickets to non-VCV U3A members.

4. In the event of an event having to be cancelled by VCV U3A, for whatever reason, all monies will be refunded.

5. Unless otherwise advised, VCV members are allowed to book a second ticket for a non-member as a guest (one guest only per member).