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Members Only

This area is for our U3A information. The files opposite are usually password protected as they contain our Committee and AGM minutes .The password and username information are shown on the reverse of your membership car

There are 3 files,as noted below, which are not protected and can be readily opened by clicking on the link opposite:

The Principles of the U3A Movement
Personal Data -You and Uttoxeter U3A
Defibrillator -Instructions on use There are 2 files in the links opposite .
The defibrillator guide has been added as an aid-memoir for those who have attended the usage sessions ,but would also be of interest to others.
The instructions sheet may appear ominous but this is not the case in reality .The main things to remember if you are ever called upon to access or use the equipment is as follows.

1.The defibrillator can only be accessed by a code given to you by the 999 or 112 operator.

2.You are therefore in phone contact with trained operator who will take you through all the stages.

3. On opening the defibrillator box, the defibrillator will talk to you, as well as the operator, and gives very clear instructions on what you should do.Importantly the defibrillator will NOT let you give anyone an electric shock if it is not needed.

5.It is unlikey that you will be alone when the defibrillator is called for as the most important thing is that CPR is being applied to the patient at the same time.

If you would like more information,or would like some further instructions,speak to John Roberts on the Computer Help Desk in the first instance.

Membership Wellbeing
If you know of any of our U3A members who are ill, have had an injury, accident, operation or bereavement and you think they would appreciate a card, please contact Marian Clarke (giving a little background information as to what has happened to them) on 01889 562393

Occasionally pictures are taken at U3A group meetings, coffee mornings etc .Please make the taker aware if you do NOT wish to be included in the picture

All members must:
•Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement;

•Always act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into disrepute;

•Abide by the terms and conditions of the constitution;

•Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times;

•Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee;

•Advise the committee of any change of personal details.

Members can find a copy of the Principles of the U3A Movement and a copy of the Constitution on the Notice Board at Wilfred House and on the Uttoxeter & District Website.

Some information is only available to members and a password is required to access these items. These files have been allocated as 'members only' and when you try to access them you are asked to enter your password. Once you have registered for the password you may save it to your computer for all future use then you will only need to click 'OK' to log in.

To get the password for the 'members only' items of our website, you can press this highlighted Password Request link and complete the appropriate form. Alternatively the password is shown on the reverse of your membership card.