Uttoxeter & District

Chat and Ideas to keep occupied

Idea 1 from Eileen Egerton
This button can be used to give details of members who are prepared to be part of a Chatter Line.
The idea is that anyone who just want to chat can ring anyone on the list shown below and chat about anything they wish .

I'm looking for volunteers please .Could you e-mail Chris Reynolds with your name, phone number, times available, and detail any interests or hobbies you have that you could talk about (as well as the weather)

Jeff Brassington would love to hear from any of his friends and acquaintances who feel in need of a friendly chat. Tel. No. 0782 349 2464

Lesley Law will also be happy to receive calls for a chat on 07771 980247 or 01283 820497 .Happy to talk about absolutely anything

Marie Williams on 07983 662403 is happy to receive calls .She is a Uttoxeter resident and a member of the Italian language group and the Photography Club.

Carole Gadsby is happy to receive calls on 01889 568078

Reverend Peter Jones is available on 01889 565123 – religion or non-religion!

Idea 2 from Brenda Welch
Gareth Malone's Great British Home Chorus Youtube each evening at 5.30pm I've just watched the first session and it was brilliant. Exercises first of all to get everybody to relax. And then everybody singing "You are my sunshine" - just the first song of many, I think. AND a chance (maybe) to learn how to use new technology, when everybody is asked (if they want to) to send in a recording of their own performance. What a chance - singing away to yourself on your own where nobody can hear you and yet with thousands of people all over the world. Instrumentalists are also welcome - even if you're banging a saucepan or a salt cellar in your kitchen! It started on March 23rd, but I hope it will stay on youtube for latecomers! Click on this link Great British Home Chorus to access

Also those who want to listen to a concert and can't go to Symphony Hall to hear the CBSO!

Idea 3 from Brenda Welch
Helen Hooker Photography
Helen led our recorder playing day in October 2019, and as many people remarked is a talented musician and teacher. But on-line her presence as a photographer is greater. If you search online for Helen Hooker there are half a dozen links to her work, which is interesting and varied. There are photos.of Calke Abbey taken when she visited us last year. Recorder teacher Members of the recorder groups may also enjoy www.helenhooker.co.uk where you can find out more about her musical career, and download her little book about recorder technique. Very helpful for all that practicing you've got time for now, and it includes the *Rules for recorder players " that I quote from the to time (such as, "All play the same piece").

Idea 4 from Pamela Merrett
The Metropolitan Opera House is broadcasting an opera every day. Click on this link Metopera videos
Sit back and enjoy the view from the best seat in the house. If you are a ballet fan, Covent Garden are putting their offerings to keep us all sane on Facebook and YouTube. Pamela Merrett

Ideas 5 from U3A Regional Office

In addition to the above you can click on the following links to find further ideas of what to do whilst we are all under the Coronavirus measures If you look at the national website there is a new PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT – U3A EYE at: Jeff Carter and the photography Subject Adviser Peter Read, will select 15 photos from those submitted on a particular theme to go on an online gallery every fortnight. The current theme is “yellow”. No excuse for photographic groups not to take pictures as they take their lonely exercise in the country or garden!

Then there is a BIRDWATCH PROJECT -U3A EYE - this links people to the British Trust for Ornithology Bird Track project, asking members to submit photos and sighting to us also. This may be expanded to a more general “nature watch” depending on responses. So, ornithologists amongst your members, do start watching. It will also be great publicity for the U3A in raising our profile.

Although the event so far has been cancelled for October, there is no reason for members to not think about constructing a robot for the Robotic Constructor’s Challenge which is co-ordinated by Barry James at Cannock Chase U3A. Do contact him on cannockchaseu3a@gmail.com and he can let you have more details.

6.Information from Brenda

In case of need in difficult times
I was browsing the Methodist Church website recently, to see whether I could find
any more information, or perhaps contribute something valuable, relating to Methodist family history like mine. In my wanderings, I found a link to a meditation that people could follow if they found themselves unable to attend the funeral of a loved one in these difficult days.

I hope nobody will need it, but if anybody would be interested I would be happy to share it, or print and post copies for you.Contact Brenda Welch by clicking on her name or phone 07932 143748 www.methodist.org.uk/our-faith/worship/singing-the-faith-plus/seasons-and-them es/worship-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/home-funeral-service

7 Another one from Brenda is Trust U3A#
Trust U3A is an ordinary U3A branch, set up for new members who can't at the moment join a "real" U3A because of lockdown. The subscription for a year is £8, or £4 if you're an existing member of a "real" U3A. I had looked at it a couple of months ago, and again this week. The number of groups is growing fast and there are now some very interesting ones.
It has its own branch website, just like ours: https://u3asites.org.uk/trustu3a/home
I've joined (very easily) because it looks preferable to the "Virtual U3A" I'd originally signed up for.
I hope to "see" some of you there!!