Upper Nene Villages


Monthly meetings take place in Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre, Camp Close, Bugbrooke, NN7 3RW.

They are usually on the third Monday afternoon of the month, starting at 2.00pm. An exception is the December meeting, which is on the second Monday.

Note that there is no meeting in August

Dates for your Diary
Mon Oct 21st 'Barrow to Baghdad and Back' by Philip Caine.
The author of the Jack Castle novels describes his varied life, starting in the hotel industry in Barrow, followed by 30 years managing projects across three continents, including seven years in post-war Baghdad. Since retirement, he has returned to Barrow and written several novels based on his experiences.
Mon Nov 18th 'The Life and Times of a Ship's Pilot' by William Wells.
Captain Wells traces the history of pilotage from Phoenician times to the computers and satellite navigation of today. He takes us behind the 'green baize door' leading to a ship's bridge and describes with humorous anecdotes how ships large and small are docked.
Mon Dec 9th 'Yule be Surprised! Why Christmas is Christmas' by Steve Dimmer.
A sideways look at the traditions of Christmas which we take for granted. Why a partridge in a pear tree? When did Santa begin coming down the chimney? A fascinating and light-hearted journey through the festive season, guaranteed to inform and delight.
Mon Jan 20th 2020 'Sixteen Warnings from the Titanic, 1912' by John Perkins.
Where people went wrong and how the sinking was caused by their fatal (and sometimes admirable) decisions.
Mon Feb 17th 2020 'Wallis Simpson and the Abdication Crisis of 1936' by Roy Smart.
Roy tells the story of the twice-married divorcee, whose romance with the future King Edward VII was only made public in 1936, leading to a constitutional crisis and the King's abdication at the end of the year.
Mon Mar 16th 2020 'True Tales of a Tour Guide' by Jo Golby.
From the laughable to the unbelievable, the people and instances that have been impossible to forget and should be shared with others. An informal talk on the weird and wonderful experiences during her years as a tour guide.
Mon Apr 20th 2020 'A Solo Walk Across Africa' by Fran Sandham.
An account of Fran's 3,000 mile solo walk across Africa, from the Atlantic on Namibia's Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean in Zanzibar. The first time anyone has crossed Africa solo entirely on foot by this route.