Welcome to the Upminster U3A website

The University of the Third Age, or U3A as it is known, is a thriving mutual self help educational, creative and leisure activity movement for people no longer in full time employment. There are no obstacles to joining, no qualifications are needed and no exams are held.

We were formed in Upminster in October 2016 and with the enthusiastic support of the people of Upminster have grown rapidly to the point where we have over 500 members and some 50+ interest groups.

We normally hold our monthly meetings at the New Windmill Hall on the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings start with a few words from our chairman, followed by a speaker. We will be serving tea and biscuits and ask you to bring your own cup.

Membership Benefits and Fees

Membership of the U3A in Upminster entitles members to all the benefits from national membership; including regular magazines, attendance at Summer Schools, various lectures around the country. Please refer to the main U3A website.

When you become a member of Upminster U3A you are immediately entitled to join any of the interest groups that has capacity. Of course you are also encouraged to start up your own group and we will be happy to support you.
Our fee from April 1st 2021 will be £16 per year and for those joining after the 1st October the fee will be £10 for the half year.

Our membership is open to new members, please contact the membership secretary (see Contacts page). If you have any queries about membership and the ethos of Upminster u3a, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions.

If you are a tax payer, your membership fee is eligible for Gift Aid, so please also complete that form and return it with the membership application.

The form can be returned at any members meeting, or if you wish to post please contact the membership secretary via this site

In order to keep our costs and therefore our fees as low as possible, we communicate with our members electronically. We do appreciate that not everyone can receive information in this way, but to receive printed communication by post, we charge an extra £24 per year or if you join after 1st October it will be an extra £12 for the half year. This may increase if postage charges rise.

To join or find out more please contact Terry Smith, our Membership Secretary who will be happy to talk to you. (Please see our contact page and include your telephone number so that Terry can call you.)

Upminster U3A is a registered charity no 1176469