U3A Science Network

2018 Meeting

The 2018 Science Network Annual Meeting was held from Monday 6 to Thursday 9 August at Nottingham University Jubilee Campus.

The Programme and Visits can be viewed on the right together with some photos taken by Peter Read from the meeting. In 2018 Presentations & Demonstrations you can read summaries and in 2018 Meeting Presentation PDFs PDF files of the slides from some of the presentations. For more information or to contact the presenters, please email the Programme Secretary from the Contact page. PDF files of presentations given at the 2018 Science Network Meeting are available here:

The Microwave Oven
The Statistics of Everyday Life

If you wish to get a copy of some of the original slides, then please contact the Programme Secretary who will put you in contact with the speaker.

Also Peter Read has kindly provided two YouTube video links:
The Smoking demonstration
The Pete Wearn presentation with experiments

Note If the above video links open to a blank page or an error then: right-click and choose Open in New Tab or New Page