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British Astronomical Association (formed 1890) has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work. Membership is open to anyone interested in astronomy.

British Science Association (formerly known as British Association for the Advancement of Science or the BA and founded 1831) is a learned society with the object of promoting science and directing general attention to scientific matters.

Cafe Scientifique a grass-roots public science initiative currently running in 42 towns across the United Kingdom and cities in other countries.

Future Learn offers hundreds of free on-line short courses on a wide range of topics, including science.

Hampstead Scientific Society (founded 1899) aims aim to promote locally an interest in all branches of science, and to cater for the layman as well as for those with specialist knowledge. It has astronomy and meteorology sections, and runs a programme of talks on various scientific topics in Hampstead, North West London, but welcomes members from all over London and beyond.

U3A Oversights enables members to discover what is happening around all the U3A groups - a useful resource which the Third Age Trust keeps well hidden! (The lists are compiled from web sites hosted on Sitebuilder and will not list web sites that do not use Sitebuilder).

U3A Research Database where it’s possible to search for projects carried out by or with the U3A.

Wise promoting female talent in science, engineering and technology from classroom to boardroom.

Zooninverse is home to the Internet's largest citizen science projects. It began in 2007 with a single project, Galaxy Zoo, which proved incredibly popular, and produced many unique scientific results, ranging from individual, serendipitous discoveries to those using classifications that depend on the input of everyone who's visited the site. This commitment to producing real research - so that you know that you’re not wasting your time - is at the heart of every project hosted on the site.