About us

Tynedale U3A Registered Charity no. 515733

Tynedale U3A was launched in 1984, one of the first in the country and a founder member of the Northumbria Region U3A. The University of the Third Age provides for the leisure and further educational activities of retired people. Monthly meetings are held in the afternoon of the first Tuesday in the month at Trinity Methodist Church, Beaumont Street, Hexham.

We cover the whole of Tynedale, from Otterburn & the Scottish border in the north, Blanchland & the County Durham border in the south, Greenhead, Gilsland & the Cumbrian border in the west and east towards Prudhoe U3A. We also have members outside this area.

The membership fee from the 1 April 2016 is £14 per person. For an additional £2 per address, 5 copies per annum of the national magazine Third Age Matters will be delivered to that address. Please note that this is per address, not per person, so that for two people at the same address, who wish to receive the magazine, the fee would be £14 + £16 = £30 per annum.

This fee will cover the monthly meetings and the newsletter plus our affiliation fees to National U3A. If a group has extra costs, especially room rental, these will be charged separately and paid through the convenor. If you wish to join a particular group please phone or email the Convenor of the group you are interested in using the blue contact link on the group page.

Membership cards will be handed out at the monthly meetings unless a stamped addressed envelope is sent the membership secretary with the fee. The contact details of the membership secretary are on the Contact page.

For more information about the Northern Regional and the National U3A click on the blue links.