Committee List

The current Torbay u3a Committee is listed below. Committee members may be contacted by clicking on their names.

NameElected RoleAdditional Role(s)
Peter Snowden
Peter SnowdenChairmanNewsletter
Brenda Hooton
Brenda HootonVice ChairmanGroups Coordinator
Karen Daly
Karen DalySecretary
Philip Gorin
Philip GorinTreasurer
Kate Parsons
Kate ParsonsMembership Secretary
Pat Bidder
Pat BidderMemberNew Members Coordinator
Jane Trulock
Jane TrulockMemberSpeaker Finder
Gwen Smith
Gwen SmithMemberWelfare Officer
David Lamb
David LambMemberWebsite Manager / Systems Administrator

Other roles not covered by Committee members

Peter Brookes
Peter Brookes Audio Visual
David Campbell
David CampbellNewsletter Editor
Jenny HolyoakeRegisters
Pat GorinRefreshments