Rules of Torbay U3A


1. Making Rules
The rules of Torbay U3A are made by and may be altered by the committee at any time provided they do not
conflict with the current Torbay U3A Constitution.
2. Subscriptions
Under paragraph 5 of the Constitution the committee has the power to set and vary the subscription which is
then subject to ratification by the membership in plenary session. The annual subscription runs from 1st
January to 31st December and renewals should be received by the membership secretary by the last day of
February. New members joining in the period 1st January to 30th July will be liable for the full annual
subscription for the year in question. New members joining between 1st August and 31st December must pay
an amount calculated at half the annual membership fee, followed by the full annual subscription in January.
It is important to note that new members joining between 1st August and 31st December should pay the
appropriate amount to the membership secretary and receive a Membership Card - otherwise they will be
classified as visitors (see 4 below).
2a. Multiple membership
Members will be liable for the full subscription payable to Torbay U3A regardless of their membership of other
3. Payments for attending Groups
Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring that Group activities are self-financing, and should agree with the
Group members an appropriate contribution sharing costs such as room hire, and should keep suitable records
of payments made and received. When a meeting is held in a member’s home and refreshments are provided
attendees may also be requested to contribute an agreed amount towards the cost of these; however, these
refreshment contributions and costs need not be recorded as Group expenditure.
There is no contribution required to Torbay U3A.
4. Visitors
Visitors may attend two Monthly General Meetings only, on payment of £1.00 on each occasion; with advance
agreement from the Group Leader, visitors may also attend two group meetings for £1.00 each time.
Similarly, paid up members of any other U3A may, with the prior agreement of the Group Leader, participate in
any Torbay U3A groups on payment of £1 per meeting, provided such groups are not currently full. Should the
group become full, such members may be invited to join Torbay U3A in order to continue their attendance.
Visitor payments for attendance at group meetings should be recorded, and retained to help defray costs.
Members of other U3As may attend monthly meetings without paying a visitor fee.
Visitors and U3A members attending group activities are also asked to contribute the agreed amount towards
any refreshments provided.
For guests introduced to a social function, no fee is payable. However it should be noted that current members
of Torbay U3A should always have priority to attend such functions.
5. Formation of Groups
Group leaders must be fully paid up members of Torbay U3A. Any member may take the initiative to form a
ensure that all groups meet the principles of the U3A and to confirm availability of all necessary resources.
6. Group Leaders
Group Leaders are responsible for running their Group in accordance with guidelines laid down from time to
time by the committee, and included in the Group register booklets. All remittances of money collected and
claims for expenses for exceptional approved “durable” items should be made to the Treasurer, accompanied
by the appropriate form, by 31st December of each year.
7. Attendance at Groups
Before joining a Group members must always consult the Group Leader to ascertain if there is a space
available. Regular members of a Group should always endeavour to inform the Group Leader if they are
unable to attend a meeting.
8. Data Protection
Members should be aware that in all activities in connection with Torbay U3A they are subject to the provisions
of the Data Protection Act and must be aware of the safeguards required for data security.
[approved by Committee 4 January2018, to take effect immediately]