Art Appreciation - Previous programmes

Art Appreciation 2019/2020 Programme

October 2019
Choose your dream house then choose paintings to go in it.
Then choose your favourite – give your reasons.
November 2019
A given subject.
“Pick a card.” Look for the subject given in one or two paintings.
Ask: Why is it there? How is it depicted? Look at the colour, the light on it etc.
Then tell the rest of the group: Artist; title; year painted; size.
December 2019
Christmas themed paintings by famous artists. Choose one or two.
To get ideas : www.1st-art-gallery.com
Or look at the National Gallery Christmas cards for ideas.
Look at style; date; subject; medium; original purpose for it eg. a painting.
January 2020
G. Stubbs
A. Munnings.
Both English artists.
Choose a painting from each artist and compare how they represent animals (horses).
February 2020
William Blake (English)
F.Goya (Spanish)
Look at their work showing: fantasy; invention; imagination; bizarre subjects; witchcraft.
Compare how they depict their subjects.
March 2020
Joseph Wright of Derby (English 1734 – 1797)
We will look at different themes. You will be given cards with the subject outlined.
Then we will compare with the candlelight paintings of George de la Tour (French 1593-1652)

Art Appreciation 2018/19 Programme
October 2018
Look at symbolism in Tudor Art
November 2018
Early Renaissance Painters
December 2018
High Renaissance Painters, De Vince, M Angelo,
January 2019
Bruegel elder and Bosch- daily life /peasant life and fantasy in 1500's.
February 2019
Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velasques, Rubens, El Greco, Carravaggio.
March 2019
Hogarth and Chardin-1764.
April 2019
Gainsborough, Turner and Constable.