Long Walk Group - Past Walks

13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger - 6.6 Miles

Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020
Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020
Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020 Goldhanger 13-Feb-2020

Roudtrip starting at the Chequers in Goldhanger via Chigborough fishing lakes, along the seawall overlooking the Blackwater estuary, stopping at the View Cafe for refreshments then back to the Chequers for a drink.

09-Jan-2020 Heybridge Basin To Maldon - 7.8 miles

Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 Heybridge 09-Jan-2020
Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 Heybridge 09-Jan-2020 -----

We will start from the Daisy Meadow car park (postcode CM9 4RW) walk along the canal to Maldon via Tesco's and on to Promenade Park were we will stop for a egg & bacon bap and coffee/tea or your own refreshments. We will then retrace our steps back, but at the canal we will branch off and walk along the sea wall (which can be muddy) back to the Basin. Should the weather be poor, or should you wish, it is possible to leave the walk on the return journey at the Canal and walk direct to the Basin, for a total dIstance of 6.5 miles.

12-Dec-2019 Abberton Reservoir - 6 miles

Abberton 12-Dec-2019 This walk starts at the Essex Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre at Abberton Reservoir, postcode A figure of eight starting and finishing at the Visitor Centre. The complete walk is six miles with some fine views of the Reservoir. For part of the walk we take the Lord Woodmouse Trail via Layer Breton Causeway and also the Abberton Causeway finishing up at the Visitor Centre for refreshments.

10-Oct-2019 Dedham - 7 miles

Dedham 10-Oct-2019 This walk was planned by Derek. Starting in Dedham at the Mill Lance carpark (CO7 6DH - £4. charge). The 7 miles of easy walking takes us via Dedham Heath through countryside to Manningtree Station via Lawford Hall. After our lunch stop at the station we will make our way back to Dedham for tea and cake.

12-Sep-2019 Coggeshall - 7 miles

Coggeshall 2019-09 This walk was suggested by Jenny and Sue. It started at the Stoneham Street Car Park (CO6 1UH) in Coggeshall. Easy walking would take us north and south of the town in a figure of eight, thorough farmland, along the River Blackwater and past Grange Barn returning to Coggeshall for a drink in the garden of The Chapel Inn. Well that was the plan until we arrived at the footbridge over the River Blackwater which was closed for repair to the wooden walkway. We had to retraced our steps to West Street and on to The Chapel Inn. To was still an excellent walk in fine weather. The map shows or planned walk.

8-Aug-2019 From While Colne to Fordham Heath - 7 Miles

While Colne 08-Aug-2019 This walk was suggested by Sue. It takes us to rural Essex on the Colne Valley Path. Starting at the Fordham Heath car park, opposite The Cricketers Pub, Spring Lane, Fordham Heath, Colchester, CO3 9TG. We will catch a No 88 bus to White Colne were we start the walk. The Colne Valley Path follows the River Colne to Chappel with its viaduct and Millennium Green, past Fordstreet, through farmland back to Fordham Heath and The Cricketers for refreshments. One highlight of the walk was the profusion of wild flowers bordering the path.

11-Jul-2019 East Mersea Circular Walk - 6.8 Miles

East Mersea 11-Jul-2019 This walk was planned by Derek. It starts at Maria’s Vintage Tearoom, Mersea Island Vineyard, CO5 8SX. Heads east and then north to the coast path overlooking Pyefleet Channel, then clockwise round the coast path and back to Maria’s for tea and cake.

13-Jun-2019 Terling Circular Walk - 7.1 Miles

Terling 13-June-2019 This walk was planned by Derek. It starts in Terling at The Green, junction of New Road and Owl’s Hill, where there is ample free parking. We walk through the scenic Essex countryside north of Terling through Rank’s Green and Fuller Street. A highlight was seeing a magnificent Red Kite flying over our heads. We finished at the Owl’s Hill Tearoom for our usual Tea and cake.