Choir - Members' Comments

I find singing with choir so uplifting and it puts a smile on my face 

I joined the U3A choir in early 2018 and, from the start, was made to feel welcome both by Jill (the musical director) and by members of the choir. You don’t have to be able to read music, Jill gives excellent directions, the atmosphere is one of fun and singing, mostly familiar songs (e.g. Moon River, Delilah etc.) Every session begins with a warm up which helps everyone to relax and feel comfortable; the whole emphasis is on enjoyment. We typically sing 4 to 5 songs with a short break for fellowship. So far I have sung in 3 concerts and they have been most enjoyable. “You leave your cares at the doorstep and for one and a half hours you can forget everything. At the finish you dance and sing all the way home.”

Singing has a very beneficial influence on body and mind. I always feel uplifted, when I leave rehearsal, not least because the people are great!

So glad I joined, everyone made me welcome. Singing makes me happy!

If you want to feel happy and sing then join this group.

I was feeling low following an illness. I came to see Jill, explaining that my voice was still very weak. She encouraged me to join the choir and I love it!!!

An uplifting experience; you come away feeling happy.

I had the privilege to attend a concert in the church where the U3A choir were performing. My wife, who had recently joined, requested my presence. After a rendition of ‘Sailing’ and some arm waving by myself and friends at the rear of the church, we were approached by Jill, and informed that I was joining! It was the best thing to have happened, as I have enjoyed the camaraderie and pleasure of joining such a group.

I joined the U3A choir after an enforced early retirement due to ill health and feeling a little lost. From the first meeting I was made very welcome and I absolutely love being a member. You always leave feeling uplifted!

Simple words like social and friendly, pleasure, fun, and gently challenging. All in all good for both the mind and the spirits. Go home with a good feeling.

Despite having health problems which often prevent me from having a good night’s sleep I find if I make the effort to come along and sing (well my version of singing) it has an uplifting effect and puts me in a lighter mood.

I’m a NEWBIE but I find that singing gives a good sense of wellbeing.

It’s made me feel uplifted and very happy and Jill makes it. I am very glad I joined.

Happiness is singing in the U3A Choir.

Always wanted the chance to sing just for fun. U3A choir made it possible without any pressure. Good exercise, good company, some songs can be very uplifting to sing as a group. What better way to spend a couple of hours for very little cost!

Choir makes me laugh, it makes me cry, we enjoy our voices, we share our voices, we make new friends and I always walk home with a smile on my face and a song filling my mind.

I joined the choir three years ago and just love it. It is a perfect mixture of fun with our warm up activities and challenge with our harmonies. The ever patient Jill is so inspiring and just a little bit wacky. Sometimes I just watch the joy on choir members' faces. Singing makes us all smile.