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New Member Welcome Leaflet Revised September 2019. Information for new members to help them enjoy being part of Tiptree u3a.

Programme 2021 Tiptree program of events for 2021 giving monthly meeting dates and speakers, committee member contact information and list of interest groups.

Members Newsletter

Gift Aid Declaration If you are a UK taxpayer please consider gift aid on your membership fees. From your £10 membership Tiptree u3a may have as little as £3.60. For each member who allows gift aid Tiptree u3a receives £2.50 from HMRC helping to keep our membership fees as low as possible.

Principles Of The u3a Movement Published by the national u3a organisation


Constitution Last revised October 2020. Our governing document registered with the Charity Commission. It defines our “charitable purpose” and how our u3a is managed


Tiptree u3a Risk Assessment Revised 1 May 2021 Risk Assessment for Group Organisers and Members to complete.

Group Organisers Guidance Revised March 2021. A brief introduction to being a Group Organiser.

How To Edit Your Group Page Revised March 2020. Guidance on how to update your group web page.


Data Protection Policy Revised November 2020. This policy sets out the requirements that Tiptree u3a has to collect and process information for membership purposes. It details how personal information will be collected, stored and managed in line with data protection principles and the General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Policy Revised July 2019. The privacy policy sets out how we will deal with your ‘personal information’, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of, an individual.

Legitimate Interest Assessment Revised July 2019. This legitimate interest assessment has been compiled in order to set out the reasons why Tiptree u3a processes membership information.

Complaints Procedure Revised May 2019. Advises members where to turn for help, advice and support, so that whatever the issue, it can be dealt with quickly, objectively and appropriately

Grievance Procedure Revised May 2019. This procedure sets out how Tiptree u3a will approach problems and grievances, to ensure they are dealt with quickly, objectively and appropriately.

Disciplinary Procedure Revised May 2019. This procedure sets out how Tiptree u3a will approach problems related to a breach or suspected breach of the agreed Code of Conduct by a member or Trustee.

Safeguarding Policy and Procedure Revised November 2018. This Policy and Procedure is written to enable the Committee to act appropriately whenever possible or where instances, or allegations of, actual abuse or neglect comes to their attention.


The Essential Trustee Revised May 2018. Charity Commission publication CC3. This guidance explains the key duties of all trustees of charities in England and Wales, and what trustees need to do to carry out these duties competently.

Thinking Of Becoming A Trustee Revised November 2019. An information pack for members considering joining the committee and becoming a trustee.

Trustee Code Of Conduct Revised May 2019. This code of conduct is an agreement between the organisation and the individual committee member which clarifies the standard of behaviour expected in the performance of their role.

Trustee Duties And Responsibilities Revised May 2019. Charity trustees are the people responsible for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. This document summarises the duties involved.

Trustee Induction Policy Revised November 2019. Policy to inform new trustees of their role and responsibilities and provide all the information needed.

Finance Policy Revised September 2020.

Cookie Policy Revised November 2020.