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Hello everyone, welcome to our May meeting, I hope you have been keeping well and been able to enjoy the warmer weather. The Queen’s absence at the State Opening of Parliament with just a small side table holding the Crown on - it was a graphic illustration of the times we live in. A closing of one chapter and the opening of another. Her Majesty is 96 and can’t possibly continue with her official duties but they have formed what seems the foundation of our society and remind us of our history and who we are. For almost three-quarters of a century she has been a constant amidst all the change and upheaval in our lives. It feels to me as if we are in a transitional moment and life will never be quite the same again. If anyone has met the Queen, perhaps you could send in your story about it for input into next month’s newsletter. Also, if you have any celebratory photographs of current or previous celebrations you could share with members, please send them in to Glenda.

Further to last month’s news regarding the financial pressure caused by the alarming rise in the cost of hiring the Civic Hall, it was decided by the committee at the last meeting to increase the Membership Fee for 2022/23 in September to £20.00p. This was decided unanimously, other measures will also have to be taken to cover the shortfall. The first measure is to have a monthly raffle starting today, other ideas will come on stream as we go along. Ideas that have already been suggested are as follows:

A change of venue – 3 suggestions have been received which need to be
visited to asses suitability.

Payment for tea/coffee

£1.00p payment each month for entrance to meeting.

Ideas for income generation or savings that could be made will be welcome, please contact a committee member or myself.

I have been told that the 5 days holiday to Warner’s Bodelwyddan Castle in Wales went very well and everybody returned home safe and sound. I’m sure Sandra Hurley will give a more detailed report.

The “Lion King” trip led by Rosemary Pears was a great success. It was the first time that I had been to see the show but some members had been 2/3 times before. The costumes and special effects were quite spectacular. Paul Cutler was nearly trodden on by an elephant but managed to move out of the way just in time. Well done on your first trip Rosemary and best wishes for future events.

The “Town and Country Trips” leadership has been taken on by Sandra Hurley and Brenda Stevens. Good luck for your future ventures ladies and I hope members will give them your full support.

The vacancy for Committee Minutes Secretary has been filled by Vanessa Lamberth. Welcome to the Team Vanessa.

This month’s speaker is: Nick Dobson speaking on “The Thames Estuary”.