zzz National Chess by Email

Just two years into the formation of the U3A National Chess by email, there are 57 members from 54 different UK U3As playing chess with one another by email.

It operates via a page in the members area of the national website and holds the following information about each member: name; grade; U3A; short chess profile, preferred speed of play and e mail address. Any member can request a game and moves are exchanged by email. There is no limit to the number of members that can join.

U3A chess by email is enjoyable stress free chess because:

..... you play someone of the same ability who plays at a compatible speed.

..... there are no championships, league tables or matches

..... the complicated board positions can be untangles at leisure

..... you can resign if you make a serious mistake and start another game

..... you make friends with your opponents

The wide range of grades of players on the 'Players List' means that anyone, from a recent learner to a county player can find someone of their own level to play.

For full information, including how you might decide on your grade, email Dick Chapman of Walford and District U3A at