test page only

central Text

this is created by using the curved brackets '{' on either end and should be on a line on it's own

Holiday snaps Holiday snaps

To create BOLD text use the BOLD key (Hash key both ends of the words you want in bold.
For a few other options, look at Brief Help

Add a picture using Upload picture and place it in the training page
Each picture/ file/ link must have a unique name

Now go to 'Show picture references for inline insertion, select your picture- Place curser where you want the picture to be and double click

Add a file in the same way- After every action you must click save this page or it will be lost.

You need to return to View my Page to see how it is laid out on the website.

This is all you need to create you first basic page- have fun- you can see it the rest of the site butyou cannot harm it.

On the next lesson we can go to the main menu, where you have a lot more options. chalk 3
Most pages have prompts to help you.

EDIT TEXT is the only place you can edit text or add pictures or files

Have a play around with it to see what you can do.- above all Enjoy yourself- you cannot do any harm on this setting.

If you decide you (e.g.) have added a file-Picture-event or link and it not what you wanted or is no no longer required, just go to the appropiate section, remove or change, select and delete. Done.

Don't forget to log out when done