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Hi Everyone. The last time I sent a Hello Message to you all it was so hot we did not know what to do with ourselves and now we have blustery showers, but the good thing is the plants are getting a good watering without our having to get out the hose pipes.

At long last the Thurrock U3A Committee were able to meet on 20th August, our first meeting since 12th March, so it was nice for us all to be able to speak to each other around a table. We all had to socially distance but at least we were able to have a proper discussion. Some of the things we discussed were:

• THURROCK U3A CHRISTMAS LUNCH AT TOP MEADOW: The Committee decided to cancel the Christmas lunch, planned to be held at Top Meadow on 8th December, as the restaurant can no longer accommodate the number of places we had booked as places have been greatly reduced by Top Meadow. Bearing this in mind the Committee have decided not to transfer the Lunch to December 2021 as we are sure many Members will be disappointed the trip to Top Meadow is not now possible. The Committee will be looking at booking something as soon as we get the “all clear”.

• BRICK LANE Friday 4th December: The planned visit to Brick Lane for the Christmas Show has now been cancelled and transferred to Friday 26th February 2021 for the Brick Lane Pantomime Show instead, to include a three course lunch, where we have 110 seats booked. Those Members who have already put their names forward for the Christmas Show have had their names transferred to the 26th February Pantomime Show. No monies have been taken from Members yet as the show had not been formally advertised before the Lockdown because it was too early. Once we have a clearer idea of what is happening Jean Angus will advertise the show and take firm bookings and payments. Any queries please contact Jean Angus Town & Country Visits GROUP 1.

• LONDON CHRISTMAS LIGHTS to include a Fish & Chip Supper: Two dates in December were advertised in the yearly programme in February for this trip but again no firm bookings have yet been taken as again the trip has not been formally advertised. Jean Angus has researched if the London Christmas Lights will be on display in the usual way and a final decision has not yet been taken. Jean has also been in touch with the Fish & Chip Restaurant and the Coach Company who both have social distance policies in place. Once details become clear Jean will let you all know and advertise the trip formally or to cancel it. Any queries please contact Jean Angus Town & Country Visits GROUP 1.

• ROMFORD DOGS: As mentioned in my last Update Coral Logan Town & Country Visits GROUP 2 has this trip well in hand and as soon as she gets the “all clear” from Romford Dogs Coral will let everyone know the date of this very popular trip. Coral has taken payments from Members and the coach is full with a waiting list. If any Member wishes to have a refund they can request this by contacting Coral who will get things sorted, her email address is . If any Members decide that they want a refund but change their mind later once the trip is formally advertised again then their names will be on the end of the already extensive waiting list as spare places will go on a “first come first served” basis using Coral’s existing waiting list.

• MEMBERSHIP: Mary Scillitoe has confirmed the great news that many Members have already renewed their Membership for 2020-2021 and has been issuing the Membership Cards, Mary’s email address for any queries is . A reminder to Members to please include their email address on the Application Form if they have one. This information will be useful when we have to let Members know when Thurrock U3A is meeting again. The current list of Membership will be destroyed once Mary has completed the Membership List on 1st September 2020.

• NEWSLETTER: Currently Glenda Stephens is using the old Membership list to circulate this Update. Any Member who does not renew their Membership will no longer receive a copy of the Monthly Newsletter via email.

• AQUA SWIMMING: The Aqua Swimming Groups 1 and 2 are in abeyance at the moment. The Aqua Group 1 is led by Pat Jackman who is willing to carry on once we get the “all clear” from Impulse Leisure who is responsible for Corringham Swimming Pool. The Aqua Group 2 is led by Janet Gibson who is also willing to carry on once we get the “all clear” from Impulse Leisure.

• THIRD AGE MATTERS MAGAZINE: Currently there are approximately 100 Members who receive the Third Age Matters magazine. Distribution of the magazine will be cancelled and the Committee will be deciding a way forward on the distribution of the Third Age Matters magazine when the Annual Memberships have been finalised by Mary Scillitoe after 1st September 2020.

• PRETTY WOMAN: Tina Smith, the trip organiser for Pretty Woman, has now cancelled this show in line with Government Policy. Tina is in correspondence with the booking agent and as soon as she has any further news those who have booked will be updated. Tina’s email address is

• TRIPS: If any Members have any ideas for trips in 2021 that they would like to be considered will they please contact Jean Angus, Leader Town & Country Visits GROUP 1 or Coral Logan Leader Town & Country Visits GROUP 2 so that they can look into them. While Jean and Coral continue to work together as a Team planning the trips they thought it would be clearer for Members if they put trips organised by Jean to be GROUP 1 trips and trips organised by Coral to be GROUP 2 trips should any Members have queries with regard to any of the planned trips.

• GROUPS: If any Member has an interest that they would like to share by introducing it as a New Group to Members can they please let Kay Hatter, Thurrock U3A Group Co-ordinator, know by contacting her on

• LEADERS: Thurrock U3A are still looking for Group Leaders with an interest in Bird Watching, Cribbage and History. Any Member who is interested in becoming a Group Leader in any of these subjects and could take on one of the roles please contact Kay Hatter, Thurrock U3A Group Co-ordinator, know by contacting her on

We are hoping that the Civic Hall will be open so that Thurrock U3A can resume their monthly meetings from Wednesday 26th November 2020 but like everyone else at the moment we are subject to receiving the “all clear” and I will let Members know when we have any further news on this. Glenda will kindly continue to circulate information on Covid-19 etc so I do not repeat that information in my Updates to Members.

A reminder, I like to hear from Members so if you would like to contact me direct about anything or the contents of my update emails please do so by emailing me direct and not emailing to Glenda. You can contact me direct at and not hitting the “reply button” to Glenda.

My wife Jean and I have spread our wings a bit this week and ventured off to Basildon, despite the roadworks furore near the multi-storey car park, for a coffee for the first time since February. We got speaking to another couple of a similar age to us, socially distanced of course, in the Muscovado Cafe and said the highlight of our venturing out currently is a trip to a supermarket or a trip to a garden centre. They agreed and we swopped ideas for different garden centres to visit ... oh happy days.


Dave A

Bearing in mind the Government guidelines and advice for people over 70, plus the closure of all meeting places, we have been advised to cancel all meetings and this includes the gathering for Group Leaders to collect in any monies next Wednesday 25th March 2020 until further notice. The Newsletters will be available to collect from the steps of the Civic Hall by any Members turning up next Wednesday 25th March 2020 fom 9.30am but this will be the last Newsletter published until further notice.

Would Members receiving this email notice please pass on the information to those fellow Members that they know do not have email contact. Through the work I have been doing with Mary and Glenda with regard to trying to identify those Members not on email we have discovered there are 228 Members who have not notified us of an email address as a point of contact and it would be difficult to telephone 228 Members. If in conversation with fellow Members who have not notified us of an email address could you please mention that if they have got an email address to let me or Glenda know. Also if those Members have Sons, Daughters or Grandchildren or indeed anyone else with an email contact address that would be willing to take important messages for them to let us know. In line with Data Security Glenda does not pass out an email address without permission and as you will know all her emails are sent out with blind copy so only Glenda’s email address is shown so everything is secure.

With kind regards