If you wish to know more about us, or anything else on this website, please get in touch with Jean, our Secretary, accessible via the 'General Enquiries' link

If you need information regarding a specific Group, you can contact the Leader by clicking on the pigeon in the top right hand corner of their page. They will do their best to answer your query as soon as possible but, if you do not hear within a couple of days, contact our Groups Co-ordinator, Chris, who will do her best to help you.

Beryl Sheppard, Chair & Website Admin
Jean Fowler, Secretary/Newsletter Editor/ General Enquiries
Brenda Reeve, Treasurer
Janet Bennett, Membership Secretary
Chriss Taber, Groups Co-ordinator
Vic Sherwood, Speaker Secretary
Carole Simmonds, Trip Adviser
Sue Dewing, Welfare Officer

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