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Fraud alerts

This page holds the weekly Essex Police Fraud Alerts covering cyber, telephone and doorstep scams.
The latest is No.23 dealing with Hacking Prevention. This one gives you some technical hygiene advice. What you might call the Hands-Space-Face of the online world.

Never "CLICK HERE" on an unsolicited email
Never eg Press 1 to find our more from a text received from an unknown source
Make sure your Email password is unique and secure, and must not used be for any other purpose
Never allow an unsolicited caller to have access to your device, even if they have given you a fictitious story that you have a fault

October 2020 update
The ransomware hack of Carnival systems reported in a recent EFAS affected Holland America Line, Carnival Cruise Line and Seabourn.

The British-American cruise operator anticipates that Social Security numbers, health data and other personal information may have been compromised, although there is a "low likelihood" of the data being misused.

Carnival is working with external cyber security experts to recover its data. The firm's IT teams are also working to identify all guests, crew, employees and other individuals whose personal information may have been compromised in the incident. The firm expects to complete the process in the next 30 to 60 days, after which all potentially affected individuals will be notified.

15th December 2020
UK Finance is warning consumers to be vigilant against criminals looking to defraud them by posing as parcel delivery companies, as more people across the country are expected to shop online this Christmas than ever before.

Intelligence from UK Finance suggests that criminals are sending out phishing emails, purportedly from well-known delivery companies, which claim that they have been unable to deliver parcels, packages or large letters. These emails may ask the recipient to pay a fee or provide additional details in order to rearrange the delivery.

The public should also be aware of an increased risk of scam phone calls and texts impersonating delivery companies, as well as fake delivery notices posted through letterboxes. Similarly, these will ask for advance payment or for customers to provide information that is later used to defraud them.

5th Jan. Scam NHS Vaccine messages
This had been seen before Xmas, see EFAS number 19 in the links on the right. As the full vaccination programme starts we are seeing nationally scam emails/apps requesting personal information including bank details.

If you are concerned about a potential scam, do not contact your local Police Station. Report it at or call 0300 123 2040. This service is run by City of London Police. Action Fraud pass collated reports out to local Police Forces. If it is an Internet scam it might possibly be passed on to me to follow up incidents in our area.

If there is an urgent incident then call 999 or 101 (local force response)

Go to Enter your email address and you might see a list of potential hacks of companies you may have used, and the likely information taken. It is a fairly technical report and can go back several years.
If you happen to see that your email Password has been hacked, I would recommended you change that email password asap.

Barry Linton 42903890, Essex Police Volunteer, Fraud and Scams Protection team.