Marshfield Monday July 8th 2019
17 of us made our way to West Littleton Road in Marshfield, a new destination for the group. We were immediately able to see house martins and swifts flying around the houses on pleasant sunny day.

After crossing the A420 to the farmland on the north side of the village, we were soon able to see yellowhammers, corn buntings and linnets on the telegraph wires and swallows flying over the fields. But no sign of the little owl frequently reported last year on the nearby barn.
Along the track a bird was seen on a fence post and eventually it was realised that it was a cuckoo. It soon flew off but it landed close by and stayed around for everyone to have a good view.

Further along we were able to hear and see skylarks and more yellowhammers. A buzzard was perched on a barn. A blue tit was seen in the hedgerow and 3 pheasants were disturbed.
On our way back to Marshfield a little owl was observed in the bushes. It remained static providing wonderful views for all.
We walked through the charming village to the church where we sat down for lunch. More birds were spotted including starlings and a sparrow hawk. A greenfinch was heard.

We concluded our visit with a short walk around a loop to the south and were able to add wren, magpie and mistle thrush to our list raising the final total to 28. Not bad for a first visit particularly as there were some stars amongst them.

See photos by Stuart Miller
House Martin Swallow Swift House Sparrow
Yellowhammer Corn Bunting Carrion Crow Blackbird
Pied Wagtail Linnet Cuckoo Skylark
Rook Buzzard Raven Blue Tit
Pheasant Little Owl Wood Pigeon Collared Dove
Starling Jackdaw Sparrow hawk Dunnock
Greenfinch (heard) Wren Magpie Mistle Thrush

Butterflies seen