Evening at Frampton on Severn

Evening outing to Frampton on Severn 29th April 2019.

A small group met on a sunny spring evening. The birdsong was everywhere. A song thrush was singing beside the car park with back ground cooing from wood pigeons. Along the lane the tunes of chaffinches, chiffchaff, black bird and black cap were heard. At Court Farm lake we saw many mute swans and several great crested grebes in splendid courting plumage. A single oyster catcher and several tufted ducks were on the far side of the lake and Canada and grey lag geese. A large grey heron flew over the reeds.

Still surrounded by song, but with small birds already hidden by the newly emerged foliage we continued through the field and wooded section until we heard a cuckoo. We continued to hear it calling from various points along the way. A bullfinch flew above us displaying its pink breast. On the sailing lake were numerous tufted ducks, a pair of common terns, Shelduck, a cormorant flying and moorhen. We spent a long time trying to identify two small birds on the floating deck, but they were too far away to be positively identified without a telescope. Suggestions were sand martins, wagtails, or turnstones. By now the sun was going down and the insects coming out. A pair of Canada geese waddled on the shore with a train of little goslings. A most enjoyable spring evening surrounded by birdsong.

Wood pigeon Song Thrush Jackdaw Chaffinch
Chiffchaff mallard Blackbird Blackcap
Mute Swan Canada goose Great crested Grebe Coot
Oystercatcher Heron Grey lag goose Blue tit
Robin Crow Cuckoo Bullfinch
Long tailed tit Pheasant Common Tern Tufted ducks
Shelduck Cormorant Moorhen Black headed Gull
Herring gull
29 species

Cilla Farquhar