Cycling - 2019 Rides

Ride on Tuesday 6th August
Meet at The Fire Station 2pm
Via Rockhampton, Stone, Damery Lane, Upper Wick, Stinchcombe and Berkeley Heath to Berkeley for tea stop.
Return via Hill and Rockhampton to fire station
22 miles - reasonable hill at Damery, short sharp hill at Upper Wick and gentle climb through Stinchcombe to church then long downhill to A38

A Ride Thursday 9th May
Meet at corner of Morton Way and Crossways Road/Hacket Lane at 9.15.
Then by way of the Hacket, Cromhall, Damery, Stinchcombe, to Cam for coffee at the Berry Blue.
Then Ashmead Green, Coaley, Frocester to Eastington for lunch at the The Old Badger Inn.
Then homeward by A38 cycle Lane to Slimbridge Roundabout then Slimbridge, Wanswell, Berkeley, Lower Stone and home.

There are 3 climbs of note, The Hacket, Stinchcombe, and the one to Ashmead Green which is just long but from there it is relatively easy cycling. Maximum height just over 100 m. with Milbury Heath being the highest point.
The route back should be easy and quick. 40 miles.
... This was an interesting ride ...

A Ride Thursday 25th April
Around Bredon Hill.
Meet at Pershore Bridge car park and picnic area, 1 mile south of Town Centre on B4084 (GR 951451 on OS 150) to ride away at 10am.
Via Elmley Castle (coffee?), Stanton, Aston Somerville, Toddington Station (lunch).
Alderton, Beckford, Kemerton, Bredon's Norton and Great Comberton.
About 32 miles.
One noticeable hill at the beginning; the rest gently rolling.

B Ride Thursday 25th April
Start at Grovesend Rd/Morton Way bus shelter at 8.45
Then through Tytherington to Rangeworthy and on to Horton where we will take a rain check before choosing a route.
Either via Hawkesbury Upton and Hillesley to Orange End
to Orange End by the direct lower and shorter route,
then Inglestone Common to Wickwar for coffee.
Then Cowship Lane to Cromhall then to Milbury Heath where those who want a pub lunch can go to the White Horse at Buckover and others can make it home down the Hacket.
The longer route is just over 30 miles with a serious hill climb at Horton but without chevrons.
The object of the exercise is dodge the raindrops.

A Ride 28th March
Meet Bitton station on the Bristol-Bath Railway Path to cycle away at 10.30.
Via Railway Path to edge of Bath then Two Tunnels route to Midford (about 10 miles all flat). Then about 5 hilly miles via Limpley Stoke, Freshford to Avoncliff (lunch).
On to the Kennet and Avon towpath for about 14 flat miles through Bath and along the Railway Path back to Bitton. Say 30 miles in all.

B Ride 5th March
Meet at the Chantry at 2pm.
Via Rockhampton, Hill, Shepperdine, Oldbury (coffee), Cowhill, Kington and back to Thornbury.
About 13 miles. The only hill is the short one up to Oldbury church so the route should be well-suited to the less experienced.

A Ride 14th Feb
Start Tetbury free Station Car Park.
Leave along B4014 towards Malmesbury, turning left after 1.5 miles at Long Newnton towards Crudwell, Eastcourt, Oaksey arriving after about an hour at The Tavern in Kemble where we will partake of coffee and biscuits.
Leaving The Tavern, we turn right then right then a quick left into School Road and thence through Ewen and South Cerney to lunch at the Water Park Visitors Centre arriving 12:00 - 12:30.
17 - 19 mile return to Tetbury through Somerford Keynes, Ewen, Kemble, Tarlton and Cherrington. This should get us back to Tetbury to take a cup of tea at the cafe at the car park if required.
36 miles round trip, only a little hill out of Kemble on the way back.
This was a very enjoyable ride despite the foggy morning that made it quite cold.

B Ride 5th Feb
Meet at Grovesend Road/Morton Way roundabout at 1.30pm.
Via Itchington, Frogland Cross, Hortham, Tockington, Olveston, Old Down (coffee), Elberton, Littleton, Kington Lane, Thornbury.
About 16 miles, one very noticeable hill.

A Ride 10th January
Meet 9:30 at Rock Street Car Park
Via Kington Lane, Hill to Berkeley for coffee at Perfect Blend.
Via Purton to Slimbridge for lunch at Tudor Arms
Return the more direct route
32 miles and flat
... this turned out to be a very cold day but we all felt better for the ride (and getting warm again afterwards!)