Photo of the Day

Since the start of the coronovirus crisis, we have been circulating photographs of the day. From the beginning of June, rather than providing a daily photo, the group produced a weekly magazine delivered as an Mp4 file. These cannot be uploaded to the website so, if you want a copy, contact Alan.

(Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.)

River Froome in Flood
Pink Flowers Untitled Photograph of Tulips Ducklings Verbena Head
Landscape Boats Stream in Honister Pass Pesky Thief
Rockery Flower Adventures of a Teddy Bear House with Yellow Fields Untitled Flower
Untitled Image Acer Bush Flower Head Walnut Barn
Almondsbury War Memorial on VE Day VE Bear Lady Tulip Tulipaclussiana Buds by Mervyn Reed
St. Pauls Cottage Taking Self Isolation to Extremes Hanging Basket
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