Cycling - 2018 Rides

22 November A Ride
Meet 09.00 at Grovesend Road/Morton Way roundabout.
40 miles via Frampton Cotterell, Pucklechurch (coffee), Yate Rocks, Wickwar (lunch)
Charfield, Damery, Stone and Rockhampton.
Two hills of note - Coxgrove Hill into Pucklechurch and Damery Lane up from the Little River Avon after Damery.

22 November B Ride
Meet 9.15 at Grovesend Road/Morton Way roundabout - opposite the bus stop side
Slimbridge for coffee at the Black Shed. Route via Milbury Heath, Tortworth, Cam and Cambridge. Returning via Berkeley, Hill and Rockampton.
Some early climbs to Milbury Heath and Stinchcombe but fairly flat thereafter.
Distance about 32 miles. Lunch arrangements to be decided during ride.

20th November Tuesday Ride
Meet 1.30pm in Chantry car park
Cycle to Berkeley via RCN 41 return via Rockhampton
Tea in Berkeley
16 miles return.

8th November A Ride
Coffee: Blaise 10.25, lunch 12.30 Windmill pub in Portishead.
Route: Townsend ,Badger lane, Bewick lane ,Henbury, Blaise, Avonmouth bridge ,Pill, Portbury, Portishead.
Return via RCN 26, 410,41 .
Distance 33miles return. Few gentle hills ,some rough tracks.

8th November B Ride
Berkeley, Slimbridge, Uley ... Preema
Dursley, Stinchcombe. Lunch at Farmers Table ...
About 32 miles. A bit hilly

25 October A Ride
To Tytherington Cromall Wickwar (coffee) then Kingswood, WuE, North Nibley, Stinchcombe, Cam, Slimbridge (lunch at Tudor Arms).Then Wanswell Berkley and home
Approx 35 miles

25th October B Ride
Route is via Itchington, Earthcott, Rudgeway, Tockington, Lower Almondsbury, Easter Compton and Pilning. Coffee at Severn Beach
Then return via Pilning, Olveston, Elburton, Littleton-on-Severn and Oldbury.
The route is around 32 miles and we can have lunch back in Thornbury.
It is not particularly hilly apart from the last part of Badgers Lane leading up to Over.

16th October Tuesday Ride
Start 1.30 Grovesend Road/Morton Way roundabout.
Tytherington, Rangeworthy, Hall End to Wickwar for tea at the coffee shop.
Return via West End, Cowship Lane, Cromhall, Milbury Heath, the Hacket( downhill). Finish Morton Way.
16 miles with the steeper slopes as downhills. The tea shop shuts at 3.00 hence the earlier start.

11th October A Ride
Meet at Tetbury Railway Car Park, GL8 8EP and be prepared to leave at 9.45 sharp. It should take about an hour to drive there.
We will have coffee in Ashton Keynes and lunch in The Bell, Sapperton (a bit more expensive than usual but the alternative is down a steep hill (> 1:10) and return up it after lunch). A relatively flat run ( a few short hills) of 30 ish miles ... All agreed this was a very good route!

11th October B Ride
Meet at the roundabout (Morton Way/Grovesend Road) at 9.30
Via Milbury Heath, Cromhall, Tortworth, Upper Wick, Stinchcombe, Lower Cam, Cambridge, Moorend, Halmore, Purton, and Berkeley. Coffee stop will be the Berry Blue Cafe (Lower Cam) and we'll have lunch at the Lammastide (Brookend) or Salmon (Wanswell) - we'll decide on the day. Total distance about 34 miles. Another good route ...

18th September Tuesday Ride
Meet at Thornbury Baptist Church for 1:30 pm. Grovesend, Itchington, Tytherington, Cromhall, Leyhill to Tortworth Farm Shop for tea/coffee. Return via Damery, Stone, Lower Stone and Rockhampton. It's a little "lumpy", so only 17 miles.

13th September A Ride
A mostly level ride over the bridge to lunch at Redwick. Meet at The Chantry for 09:15, Aust 10:00, then to Chepstow Garden Centre for coffee. On via Crick, Caldicot and Undy to the Rose Inn at Redwick for lunch. This stretch includes 2k on a good gravel track. Returning via Magor, Five Lanes and Caerwent. 32 miles from Aust to Aust.

13th September B Ride
Meet Grovesend Road/Morton Way bus shelter 9.00.
The Slad, Itchington, Iron Acton,then by way of the cycle route to Frampton End, Coalpit Heath and Ram Hill. then Broad Lane, the new cycle path and then the cycleway round the rail depot to Coxgrove Hill and on to Pucklechurch. Coffee at Nanny's (was Quackers) on the way to Hinton. Then to Tolldown and on to Tormarton. Then north up the lane to join the A46 for 1 1/2 miles (not too busy on this section) then down Horton Hill, Mapleridge, to Rangeworthy where Lunch can be taken in the Rose and Crown, if wanted, or it is a short ride back to Thornbury.
About 30 miles round trip.

21st August Tuesday Ride
Meet Thornbury Fire Station 2 pm
Thornbury Fire Station to Butt Lane turn left towards Oldbury
Follow road towards the Power Station turning right towards Hill on to Ham
Turn right at Ham and follow road gently uphill to Stone School and A38
Turn left towards Woodford along Damery Lane, cross over the Motorway and up the Hill then down to Damery do not cross the bridge but continue up the short steep hill and continue through Michaelwood to Wick and back to the A 38.
At the A38 turn right and left in front of Applegates to travel back to Berkeley.
Tea Stop at Berkeley
Ride back through Ham, Lower Stone and Rockhampton to Morton and the Fire Station.

9th August A Ride
We'll leave Thornbury by Old Glos Rd, Rockhampton and over the A38 to Damery and Huntingford Mill to our coffee stop at Wotton Farm Shop. About 12 miles so 10.30ish and hopefully before their busy 11.00 o'clock period.

Carrying on through W-u-E onto that lovely rolling road which goes Wortley/Alderley/Hillesley etc we'll need to gain height somewhere for our lunch destination at the Royal Oak, Leighterton and I've chosen Alderley to Tresham as the leaset steep and safest.

ETA Royal Oak 12.30 (it's about 7 - 8 miles from the coffee stop). Homeward bound is of course mainly downhill with a nice little diversion through Newington Bagpath. Total round trip 39/40 miles.

15th May Tuesday Ride
The ride on Tuesday will be to Chepstow Garden Centre for tea. I will lead the ride from Tockington, starting 2:30 pm, where the round trip will be 20.7 miles. Those wishing for a shorter ride could meet at around 3:00 pm at the up-stream cycle path this side of the Severn Bridge; the round trip distance would be 11.2 miles.Those wishing for a slightly longer ride of 22.5 miles, cycling from Thornbury should start from The Chantry

10th May A Ride
Meet at Baptist Church at 9.30. Coffee at Berkeley (The Perfect Blend) . Then on to Slimbridge, then Cam station, Coaley, up to Uley for lunch.
Then return via Dursley Berkeley and home. Distance about 35 miles with one incline (up)

10th May B Ride
Meet at The Chantry Car Park at 9:30. Across the Severn Bridge to the Tintern Old Railway Station for coffee
Back to Tintern then up the NCN 32 to Lower Fedw and down to St Arvans then back home. The hill up from Tintern is steep!
About 32 miles.

26th April A Ride
Route by way of Hill to Berkeley for coffee in the left hand cafe in the White Hart courtyard. Then via Wanswell and Slimbridge to the canal via the lane past Hope House Farm. Along the tow path to Splatt Bridge(this section is OK to ride, if hard on the bottom! Hybrids are better than road bikes with drop bars but the latter are possible with care) through Frampton on Severn to the Perry Way B4071,then over the canal to Arlingham. Lunch in the Red Lion in the village. For those who want to put on another 2 miles in total we can go down to the river to inspect the 'big bend' in the river Severn.
Return the same way but (if all happy) we can go one bridge further along the tow path to the black tin shed and use different lanes through Slimbridge. Then return via Wanswell and direct from Berkeley for about 3.30. Distance 38ish +2 miles. Steepest slopes are going into Berkeley and past the Rugby club at Morton.
Note: It was a very nice ride and the Red Lion is an excellent pub!

26th April B Ride
Via Milbury Heath, Cromhall, Tortworth, Stinchcombe, Lower Cam, Cambridge, Moorend, Halmore, Purton, and Berkeley. Coffee stop will be the Berry Blue Cafe (Lower Cam) and we'll have lunch at the Mariners Arms (Berkeley). Total distance about 34 miles
View Ride B 260418

12th April A Ride
Meet at Morton Way/Grovesend Road roundabout at 9.30.
Then by way of Tytherington, Rangeworthy, the lane down the side of the railway, Broad Lane and the B 4059 cycleway round Yate, Chipping Sodbury High Street to Coffee No1.
After refreshments back up the High Street to left at Horseshoe Lane, then out on the Doddington Drag to the traffic lights on the A46 . Then across avoiding Tormarton Village and on to Acton Turvill, then Badminton for a look at the setting up for the horse trials and on to Hawkesbury Upton for lunch in the Beaufort Arms.
After lunch home by way of the Inglestone Common, Wickwar, Cromhall, Milbury Heath and the Hacket. Be back for 3.30 ish.
35 miles, maximum elevation 197 m at Hawkesbury Upton. The Doddington Drag is by far the easiest gradient up onto the open country on the Cotswold Ridge for the super cycling up there

12th April B Ride
Ride to Sherston. About 37 miles round trip.
Meet bus shelter at Grovesend Road/Morton Way roundabout in time to start ride at 0915, then:
Up Hackett Lane to cross A38 to Milbury Heath, then Cromhall, Charfield, Kingswood, Hillesley, Hawkesbury Upton then left into Starveall Lane. Cross over A46 into long lane to A433, then left to Didmarton, then right into lanes to Sopworth and Sherston.
Return via lane past Badminton estate emerging onto A433 again; left here to merge with A46 for 200m then right to Hawkesbury Upton. Through village to top of steep descent at Somerset monument to cross common to Wickwar. Then Cowship Lane and B4058 to Milbury Heath; Hackett Lane back to Thornbury.
Coffee and cake at Angel cafe, Sherston.
Lunch at The White Horse, Buckover.
Climbs: Steady 5% average climb, about 1.5 mile long, from Hillesley up to the Somerset monument. Two short, sharp climbs on way back near Wickwar.

22nd March A Ride
Thornbury – Rockhampton – Ham – Berkeley (coffee)
Ham – Hill – Sheperdine loop - Oldbury – St Arilda’s – Littleton – Elberton – Aust – Northwick – Pilning – (Bank Road) – Plough (Lunch)
Tockington – Old Down House – Kington – Thornbury. Only 2 upward inclines. Distance about 35 miles
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22nd March B Ride
Cromhall, Tortworth, Charfield, Kingswood, Hillesley, Horton, Chipping Sodbury for Coffee (Coffee No1)
Yate Rocks, West End, Tytherington. The Swan for lunch. Home.
Steady climb from Charfield to past Hillesley. Distance about 31 miles
This was an enjoyable but fairly energetic ride (made a bit harder by the headwind for much of the way). It was a route we had all cycled most of the way before but in the opposite direction. It's surprising how the opposite way makes everything seem different! Lunch at the Swan very good and good value.
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22nd Feb A Ride
Start Tetbury free Station Car Park at 10:30.
Leave along B4014 towards Malmesbury, turning left after 1.5 miles at Long Newnton towards Crudwell. It is only about 5 miles and we'll stop for coffee at The Potting Shed Pub, Crudwell at 11:00.
Continue through Eastcourt and Oaksey where we turn left for Kemble then turn right onto School Lane. On through Ewen and South Cerney to Lunch at the Water Park Visitors Centre arriving 12:30 - 12:45.
Hope to leave by 14:00 for the 17 - 19 mile return to Tetbury through Somerford Keynes, Ewen, Kemble, Tarlton and Cherrington. This should get us back to Tetbury around 16:00.Lighting up time is 17:30 so should be fine!
36 miles round trip, only a little hill out of Kemble on the way back.
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22nd Feb B Ride
Start at the roundabout (Morton Way/Grovesend Road) at 9.30
Cycle via Milbury Heath, Cromhall, Tortworth, Nibley Green, Stinchcombe, Lower Cam, Cambridge, Moorend, Halmore, Purton, and Berkeley.
Coffee stop will be the Berry Blue Cafe (Lower Cam) and we'll have lunch either at the Lammastide (Brookend) or the Mariners Arms (Berkeley).
Total distance about 35 miles.
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8th February

Ride A
Thornbury, over the bridge and coffee in Chepstow (First Class cafe at the station), then via Shirenewton to Caerwent and on to Portskewett for lunch.
Back via Mathern, the bridge and Mumbleys.
There are a couple of long hills (though not over steep) and a couple of steep hills (though not over long). Weather permitting the views make the ride worth while. About 38 miles.

Ride B
Ride to Uley.About 38 miles round trip.
Rockhampton, Berkeley, Wanswell, Halmore, Slimbridge Lane to Slimbridge, Lower Cam past Cam railway station, Coaley, Uley.
Coffee and cake at Vestry Cafe, Prema Arts Centre, Uley.
Return via Dursley, Upper Cam, Stinchcombe, Damery, Tortworth, Leyhill, Cromhall, Tytherington, Thornbury.
Lunch at The Swan pub, Tytherington.

Climbs: Steady 20 minute climb, about 4% average, from Lower Cam to Uley with 200m stretch at about 8% average.
4% average climb from bridge at Damery bottom before descent over motorway.

25th January

A Ride
The 'A' group had a very successful 36 mile ride, mainly in sunshine and only about 3 spots of rain and that was in the morning (quite contrary to the forecast!). The number of participants varied through the day - we picked up 3 at Frogland Cross, we lost 2 in Wickwar at the coffee stop and lost 3 more after lunch. I say "lost" but they all knew where they were going!
Excellent lunch in Royal Oak at Wotton under Edge and my thanks to Ken and Les for helping me out with route-finding.

B Ride
The 'B' ride went very well also! (Thanks Ian) Good route via Cowship Lane then those windy lanes over the bridges to Coffee Number 1 in Chipping Sodbury and an 'innovative' route back via Frampton Cotterell. The 1 mile of mud track will be well worth repeating in the summer (when it's dried up). Lunch at the Swan Inn in Tockington was very good value. 31 miles for us and back by 2pm. View Ride B 250118

11th January
Two good rides. The 'A' ride was via Oldbury and Hill to Berkeley for coffee at the Perfect Blend. Then via Purton to Slimbridge for lunch at the Tudor Inn. Back the direct route via Berkeley. View Ride A 110118
The 'B' ride had a nice trip to Bitton Station and back. View Ride B 110118