Web Site Sub-Editors Tips

Here are a few tips and suggestions for those of you who are updating the Web Site pages for your group

Summary of Formatting Characters
Put the following characters before and after some text to create the following:
_ italic
# bold
{} centred heading
| link
% email

Use Events
If you create an event for your meeting or day out, it will appear in the Events page and give everyone an overview of what is happening throughout Thornbury U3A. Old events will automatically be removed. However, please keep the description of the event relatively short so it fits in two lines and keeps the list easy to read. You may need to expand on the details of the events on your group page.

Upload Pictures
Pictures will show other U3A members what fun you have and keep the whole web site more lively. Don't forget to reduce the size of the file to about 800x600 pixels as mentioned in the Help Section. If you have difficulty doing that you can email the file to Webmaster for assistance.

Naming a New Page
If you add a new sub-page for your group, please include the name of the group in the page name. It makes it easier to locate in the full list of pages.

Replacing a Document
If you have uploaded a file and have it as a link, you may want to replace it with a newer version. To do this, first use the Links menu to delete the existing link ... this will delete the old document as well. Then use the Upload File menu to upload the new version and give it the same link name as the one you just deleted.