Cam Long Down

Visit to Cam Long Down, June 14th 2021
14 Members of the group met on a blisteringly hot day. We began by watching a blackbird, with insects in its beak, disappearing into the hedge to feed its young. Jackdaws flew overhead. High above us a buzzard drifted on the thermals. A pair of goldfinches flitted on and off the telephone wires. Chiffchaffs were calling from the woods and bushes but stayed hidden. In the hedge we watched for small birds and saw a whitethroat. A lot of alarm calls preceded a cat strolling around.
We were surrounded by bird song but rarely caught glimpses of them.
On top of the hill we took to enjoying the rest of nature. The ground was carpeted in flowers, birds foot trefoil, clover, buttercup, wild thyme, and pyramidal orchids. The hot weather had brought out the butterflies and we saw small heath, red admiral, small tortoiseshell, common blue, meadow brown and speckled wood.
Back in the woods we watched and heard a family of wrens, listened to the dunnocks, and some rooks. Spent some time debating on a small black headed bird moving about in the trees, was it pied flycatcher, black cap or willow warbler? Too elusive to be certain. There were further views of white throats and good chance to hear its scratchy song. They must like this place. A most enjoyable walk with 16 species seen .
Blackbird Jackdaw Magpie
Crow Robin Goldfinch
Wood pigeon Chiffchaff Whitethroat
Buzzard wren Pheasant
Dunnock Rook Willow warbler
Great tit.