Newport Wetlands & Goldcliff

The second group of six met on 17th May . There was plenty of bird song with elusive birds hiding in the fresh leaves on all the trees. Following the covid route we were deighted to hear a cuckoo, and several reed buntings posing for us on the top of the reeds. A whitethroat was singing on top of a tree, dashing off the catch insects and returning to his spot. We saw a pair of Cetti warblers fighting in the reeds before a cloudburst soaked us. Sheltering in the hide we saw a few brave tits and a little grebe. Sadly the bittern was keeping quiet although other people reported heaing it.

The rain cleared and we ate lunch in the car park before proceeding to Goldcliff. Plenty of waders and lapwings soaring in the increasing wind. Altogether a respectable 41 species seen or heard.

Newport Wetlands - buzzard, blackcap, wren, blackbird, chiffchaff, cettiā€™s warbler, wood pigeon, reed bunting, reed warbler, magpie, cormorant, cuckoo, swift, tufted duck, carrion crow, sedge warbler, little egret, whitethroat, canada goose, pheasant, swallow, curlew, oyster catcher, shelduck, herring gull, robin, blue tit, little grebe, house martin, collared dove.
Gold Cliff - goldfinch, lapwing, redshank, greater black backed gull, ringed plover, mallard, skylark, starling, mute swan, greylag goose, house sparrow, jackdaw.
41 species.

A most enjoyable day out with really good views of some birds.