New Passage and Pilning Wetlands

Pilning Wetlands and New Passage October 14th
In spite of a poor forecast and overcast skies 15 members met at New Passage. A large number of starlings were gathering on the CB aerial. In the bushes were house sparrows, blackbirds, a blue tit a great tit, and some goldfinches. The tide was still well in so there were only small numbers of widgeon, teal, black headed gulls and redshank on the exposed silt of the pill. On the distant shores oyster catchers, shelduck and a cormorant could be seen. Grazing on the flood plain were a large number of Canada geese and a single little egret. A pied wagtail hopped among the rocks. A red kite flew overhead chased by crows. Walking inland a green woodpecker was on the grass and then flew up and rested on the telegraph pole. The scrapes were busy with gadwall, lapwings, shoveler, a little grebe (mostly diving and so invisible), and mute swans. On the far bank a great white egret stalked along behind the swans. Hidden in vegetation on little islands were several snipe and a green shank. A collection of very noisy coot were squabbling on the furthest scrape near the newest one which is just being created. We could hear the haunting call of the curlew. Returning as the rain started one member got a glimpse of the kingfisher flying down the pill. The tide was now further out allowing us to see dunlin, curlew and turnstones amongst the recently exposed sea weedy rocks. An excellent morning’s viewing.

Pigeon blackbird sparrow jackdaw magpie
starling goldfinch blue tit Great tit Robin
cormorant shelduck Canada geese little egret
redshank curlew Widgeon pied wagtail oystercatchers
teal B H gull mallard red kite collard dove
green woodpecker lapwing grey wagtailmute swan little grebe
gadwall shoveler knot moorhen snipe
great white egret coot kingfisher Dunlin raven
Turnstone green shank. 40 species 15 people.