Our members come together in groups to study/enjoy any subject/pastime which they find interesting. Most of our Groups are run on a regular weekly or monthly basis by members in homes or local halls.

Information about each group is included in the links to the groups below. If you are interested in joining a group please contact the group leader as detailed.

We also take part in occasional theatre visits, coach trips to country houses, stately homes and gardens, and occasional special interest events. Details of these can be found in the special Open Events and Trips group which is open to all members.

Suggestions for new groups are welcomed. Ideas are advertised to try to attract sufficient members to call a planning meeting to get a group established. Members wishing to form a new group should contact the Groups’ Coordinator. Should a Leader need help with the purchase of materials to get a group started help may be available via the committee.

Group List
Ancient Cultures&Civilisations
 Art - Monday Group
Art Appreciation
 Aspects of the 19th Century
 Bird Watching
Book Group 1
 Book Group 2
Bridge 1
 Bridge 2
Bridge 3
 Card Making
Church Visits 1
 Church Visits 2
 Classical Studies
Country Dancing
 Creative Writing
Family History
 French - WD40
French Beginners
 French Book Club
Garden Visits
 Gentle Excercise
 German (Self-Help)
History 1
 History 2
Indoor Bowls
 Investment Club 1
Investment Club 2
 Italian 2
Jazz Appreciation
Line Dancing
 Lunch Club 1
Lunch Club 2
 Lunch Club 3
Mahjong Social
 Mahjong Western
Mixed Crafts
 Mosiacs (Self Help)
Wednesday a.m.
Wednesday a.m.
 Music Making
Open Events and Trips
 Opera Study Group
Our Living Language
Play Readers
 Poetry Appreciation
Practical Gardening Forum
 Railways & Transport
 Science & Technology
Scrabble 1
 Scrabble 2
Shakespeare Studies
 Short Slow Rambles
Table Tennis 1
 Table Tennis 2
Table Tennis 3
 Table Tennis 4
Table Tennis 5
 Tai Chi
The Great War
 Theatre and Opera Visits
Thursday Drawing
 Travel & Tourism
 Watercolour Painting
 Wine Group 1
Wine Group 2
 Wine Group 3