Welcome to Thorley U3A


The U3A is a self-help learning organisation for the active retired and semi-retired. It is made up of independent groups run by their members. Everyone who is on the committee, runs one of the groups or helps at monthly meetings are volunteers. Getting involved is a great way to make new friends and to know what is happening within the group. To find out more about the history and ethos of the U3A go to the national website


Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, most face-to-face activities are cancelled and groups may only be active virtually, using online platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

However, since the beginning of June some small outdoor meetings are now being permitted in line with Government guidelines and with Risk Assessments in place. Your group leader will let you know.


Because of the pandemic, your committee has decided that no payments will be taken for renewal of membership in August 2020. Instead, existing membership will remain valid until January 2021 and subs will not be due until then.

Meetings and Speakers

We are organising the following virtual monthly meetings for members via Zoom. All members will receive an email before each date with a link to join in.

Monday October 5th, 2.00pm: ‘Old Wives’ Tales - Truth or Tale’

Journalist and author Anthony Poulton-Smith says: “I can't tell you who the old wife was or why she had so many strange ideas, but I can tell you a whole host of ideas which until quite recently were considered all part of life's lessons. There are also those which, with the best will in the world, will dumbfound as to why anyone would ever find these 'truths' credible.”

Monday November 2nd, 2.00pm: ‘The Gag Trade’

Bob Sinfield is a radio presenter and comedy writer who has been performing and writing comedy for the last 40 years. He has appeared at theatre festivals from Edinburgh to Brighton and written scripts for some of the best comedy performers of the last four decades, including Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips, Tracey Ullman, Joan Sims, Stan Freberg and Rory Bremner.

Monday December 7th, 2.00pm: 'Sun Jester'

Sun Jester is a family group led by Graham Harrison which has been working in history and heritage education for more than 20 years, delivering fun and informative talks and entertainments for all ages. This seasonal entertainment includes performances of classic Christmas songs from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals (1930s-50s) combined with humorous stories about some of the the artistes and a look at the origins of some of our popular Christmas traditions.

Monday January 4th, 2.00pm

Thorley U3A AGM

Our annual AGM will be followed by a speaker. TBA.