Events & Activities

Detailed information of special events is displayed in the list below as well as information of the guest speaker, or other activity which will take place at the monthly meetings.

Individual group activities and regular meetings are described on the group pages elsewhere. So only special events will be announced here. Events and meetings often require financing. Mostly the cost is met by the members attending but the outgoings should be conveyed to the Treasurer. We have three forms and some notes in the adjacent LINKS to use when passing monies or records of expenditure to the Treasurer.

If you are organising an trip or an event, please contact Terry Rhoda, Trips Co-ordinator by using the Trips Coordinator email contact on the General Contact Page of the website or by telephoning Terry on 01279 757476 to check that the date does not clash with another event. Please also send Terry full details of the trip/event (date, place, title of outing) along with your contact details.

More help about how to organise a trip and advertise it to other U3A members can be found in the document 'Notes for Organising a Trip' which can be found using the link on the Trips & Outings| page.

Alternatively, if you would like some help or advice about how to organise such an outing, please also contact Terry who would be able to offer help and support.