Contacting Thorley U3A or its Group Leaders

If you need further information please email us from here and we will get back to you as quickly as we can find the correct information or person. This email is for general queries which will be forwarded to the appropriaste person and for this reason response may be slow.

If you wish information about a specific group, it will be simpler to use the email contact on the Group's own Page. This goes direct to the group leader and so response should be quicker and more helpful.

Similarly, information about specific events can be obtained from the Leaders by telephone listed on the Events Page or by email using the contact buttons on the Trips and Outings page amongst the Groups Pages.

Minutes of the Committee meetings

Copies of the minutes of recent meetings can be read on a page named The Minutes.

The most recent is displayed on the page and previous ones are available to download. It is hoped that this will provide members with information about the business of the Club.

Email contact

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