Programme, Projects and Field Trips

Over the years the group has been running some of topics covered have been:
Storage, retrieval and editing of photos using various software programmes.
Depth of field.
Portraits and studio work.
Monochrome and Macro photography.
Still Life.

We share and discuss our photos after field trips and projects – and it’s amazing that we all take different photos and have different perspectives on photos even though we take photos at the same venues or of the same subjects.

Field Trips are arranged to occur either during the monthly meeting or as an extra, in 2017 we have been in Thetford town centre for night-time photos (very cold!) and to Ickworth House park for landscapes, and to Rachel's garden for macro photography.
In 2018 we had field trips for 'Action' shots, Seascapes (the coast, of course), and landscapes and architecture.

2019 promises to be another year of talks, practical demos and field trips, with, of course, ongoing quarterly and all year projects (see main programme).

Projects running alongside the main programme for 2019 are:
January to March - 'Decay'
April to June - Abstract and repeat patterns
July to August - The colour 'PURPLE'
September to December - Monochrome.

NEW for 2019: an annual theme on 'Beautiful Thetford', monthly photos reflecting our town and surroundings with a view of publishing a book!